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What we don't own owns us. Integrating our shadow in order to find our way back to whole authentic magnetic projection

This is a 10 day digital workshop, which will include deeply effective shadow work to reclaim and reintegrate denied aspects of self in order to integrate back into wholeness (magnetism). Each daily exercise will require thirty minutes of your day, in order to teach you life-long tools that will help you get into the depths of your subconscious, detect all aspects of self that have been abandoned due to childhood, societal, media, and peer shame, so that you can integrate them in order to become a whole, realized being. It is administered through Deep Imaginings (hypnosis) and journal work. 

You will have two months to complete it at your own pace and you can access it anytime that is convenient for you! You only need a digital device (phone, iPad, or computer), journal, pen and earphones to complete it. 


Hi Lacy, thank you for such a great workshop. I’ve moved towards a greater sense of myself and recognized the root of my thought patterns in only one week of taking your course (I was seeing a life coach for two years and never found this type of clarity). I found “friending” my shadows one of the biggest ways to relieve anxiousness and feel more whole and confident in myself. I also realized all of the ways I’ve been tested the past year in relationships, which is one specific pattern of dating unavailable men. After having an ex boyfriend come back more than three times and continuing to try, I’ve finally moved forward and am waiting for someone who matches my self worth. Anyway, thank you again! xo