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The UNBLOCKED Shadow Tool is a 10-day workshop that is centered on integrating our shadow-self in order to find our way back to our whole, authentic, magnetic projection. In this workshop, you’ll learn all about discovering and integrating new practices as a way to enhance your magnetism and manifestation process. Each day will give you the tools to help you access your subconscious in order to detect all aspects of self that have been abandoned due to childhood, societal, media and peer shame. You’ll learn how to integrate these aspects of self into your whole being. You will also receive the compact subconscious reprogramming exercise for daily practice to support your magnetism.

This workshop includes the following:

10 Days of Workshop Content

10  Journal Prompts

5 Hypnotic Deep Imaginings

15-60 minutes of content for each workshop day  

Community support in the comment sections on each page


Judges people often

Afraid of being seen

Triggered easily by others and in daily life

Often has a lot of drama coming their way

Can’t seem to get business off the ground

Desires recognition but never seems to get it

Always second best

Undervalued in relationships, partnership, or career


This workshop is all about taking inventory and discovering rejected aspects of yourself. Much of this is accomplished in the conscious state, rather than in subconscious hypnotic reprogramming. Therefore, each day varies in regard to how much time you will dedicate. We suggest revisiting all of the days with each shadow aspect of yourself that you find. The process gets much quicker overtime when it comes to walking through the integration steps.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how to discover and integrate your shadow and how to integrate this practice into your daily life. You’ll also have gained community support and a better understanding of your most authentic, magnetic self. In order to complete this workshop, please have a device with access to WIFI, a pen, paper/journal and the proper time to dedicate to this deep inner work.

Access at anytime that is convenient for you! All you need is your digital device, journal, pen and earphone.



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Hi Lacy, thank you for such a great workshop. I’ve moved towards a greater sense of myself and recognized the root of my thought patterns in only one week of taking your course (I was seeing a life coach for two years and never found this type of clarity). I found “friending” my shadows one of the biggest ways to relieve anxiousness and feel more whole and confident in myself. I also realized all of the ways I’ve been tested the past year in relationships, which is one specific pattern of dating unavailable men. After having an ex boyfriend come back more than three times and continuing to try, I’ve finally moved forward and am waiting for someone who matches my self worth. Anyway, thank you again! xo

Looking back at my lists, I can’t believe how much I’ve manifested! They were all small, material goods but so meaningful nonetheless. Something that has never been on my lists but has been the most rewarding and transformative manifestation is becoming HAPPY. The kind of happy that is stable and real. I laugh when I look at my lists now. Because while all these lovely elements I’ve manifested have strengthened my trust muscle, nothing compares to feeling safe, held, and happy no matter the circumstance. For a person who has struggled with sever depression all my life, this is the best possible outcome I never knew I needed! It came after an 8 month period of darkness, but now I welcome each day with joy no matter what. Thank you Lacy!

I’m on a roll! I’ve been working through Opulence and Shadow and I’m manifesting with a quickness - like everything showing up within hours. Last night, I journaled that I’m calling in a purple labradorite (something I feel I need ot be wearing on a regular basis for some reason) and one popped up in my IG feed less than 24 hours later! 🙌🏼

Okay so I’m posting this publicly as a cathartic exercise for myself and it’s incredibly scary right now but blaaahh here we go. After working through reparent and shadow so much clarity has come highlighting my desperate need for approval and believing that my authenticity is NOT worthy of approval - and that I would need to be the SAME as everyone else in order to be approved of (I saw this through parental modelling - witnessing my caregivers have serious social anxieties and thoughts of not being good enough - which definitely rubbed off on me). One of the biggest “shadows” has been body image related and over the years that has spun out of control and led me to isolate myself from people (friends and partners and family) and to totally NOT LISTEN to my body- it all happened little by little - so sneakily that I didn’t really notice. I have had a few health scares that have shook me - but I am only TRULY learning to accept myself since doing this work. Like I mean TRULY - and I know I have a long way to go - and part of me has been so stubborn and wanting to cure some of my health problems on my own - for fear of being WEAK or for the outside world to see how OUT OF CONTROL I can be (these are my shadow words) - but really I am starting to see that there is a bit of strength and courage in actually asking for help from someone else - and realising that maybe I have been WRONG (another shadow haha) in my previous decisions. I think there is so much power in honouring your appetite for life - and taking control of satisfying your needs. This might be all mumble jumble but I do feel a little bit lighter and clearer expressing it all. I’m wishing everyone else the clarity they need!! lots of love! xxxx

Lacy, I just wanted to reach out and tell you that working with your opulence and shadow bundles have changed the game for me. I’m living a more vibrant, energetically charged life. The things I am calling in to live in alignment with my true self are appearing without the painful, bone grinding process that it normally takes. I am grateful for you and your work! Thank you!

Whew! What a relief to reach this journaling project. A heavy experience the Shadow work has been, heavy but immensely rewarding. Thank you, Lacy Phillips! I speak for many when I say YOU are an expander, someone who has shown us that our dreams and desires are possible. Thank you for the work you are doing!

One of the most powerful things for me that has happened after doing the Shadow workshop specifically is that I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with the sinking feeling that I have done something wrong. That relief is priceless.♥️

I’ve done two rounds of shadow now and the clarity DI twice and I haven’t had a set clear image of what I saw my authentic self doing apart from I knew it had something with direction and film (my long lasting passion). And I just had a dream where I went back to when I was 14 and I did a film course and one day I did the camera work and when we looked back at the shots the teacher said “Wow! These shots are amazing!”. This actually happens but I had forgot, overlooked, not believed in this. Laying in bed thinking about this time, suddenly memories and thoughts and ideas come flooding in. I’ve been thinking for so long that What is MY thing? Something that doesn’t feel like work, that gives me so much energy doing (hello Generator over here!). I be always just thought that directing and writing would be my thing but somehow deep down I knew this was my 100% (at least for this part of my life). So I’ve finally realized my strengths are with cinematography and photography. So if you’ve had a hard time with pinpointing something you want to do, it will come I promise! Even in a dream, something I never thought would happen.

I’ve been working on Unblocked Shadow Day 4 (giving myself the talk in the Mirror) and it was so heavy and cathartic and tears just flooded my face. While these experiences are draining, learning how to shine light on my shadows has been super healing.

2018 has brought a fair share of challenges for my thus far. But happening upon the F&N workshops and community has been life changing. Today I feel the need to share, as it’s something that’s helped me so much. Identifying our shadow self is not a new concept, but one that brilliant minds like Carl Jung famously taught, and modern philosophers like Jordan Peterson speak on regularly as well. Lacy Phillips’ workshops are the most pared-down simple practices to help identify our Shadow and subconscious identities so they can be acknowledged, healed, and you can truly be your most authentic and powerful self. Meditating and journaling with her workshops has been life changing for me. If you’re needing help or guidance in life this is a great place to start. Grateful for it.
Hi Lacy! I worked through the shadow and manifestation workshops and wanted to say thank you thank you thank you for making this resource so accessible!!! I immediately started to see my crazy manifestations come into fruition as I began to unblock and step into my power. I can’t even begin to cover how radically you’ve enhanced my life! Thanks for your work and the way you model an evolving authenticity!

Manifestation Update! ✨ When Lacy posted about “Manifesting too much, too quickly” I really didn’t resonate with it. I had been doing Shadow (2x) and looking back where I was, I was in a transitional stage. I had nothing and no clear idea how I was going to end up (which do we ever know???). I had literally no money, luckily for me, my mum came out to visit for three weeks (in NZ traveling) and suddenly things I had written on my list fell into place all in the space of a day! But it was a few days before my mum flew back and I was feeling lost, worried, stressed and having her comforted me and I wanted nothing more than to go home to the U.K. I re-read the post on Manifesting too much too quickly (thanks to someone on here!) and it hit me. I was feeling so homesick, uncomfortable - although finally I had everything I wanted. A town (literally like Starshollow from Gilmore Girls 🙈), a day job, and a place to stay (which is so hard in this area!!). But I didn’t want it, I wanted to go home. What I’ve realised is that I was wanting to stay small and keep myself ‘safe’. So it’s my first week, my mums left, and although I miss her, I’m pushing through it for the sake of growth and to see how much more I grow. Manifesting isn’t always easy and amazing, it can be very hard, uncomfortable and stressful! That’s the biggest lesson I have learnt and I wanted to let more people know in case you may experience this ✨ your things will come with the work you put in, but you must be ready and sometimes you will have to TRUST the universe and leave that old shell to find a bigger better one.

I just wanted to share a recent manifestation story with you all in case it’s expanding for anyone. I’m young (21) and recently moved back in with family in Colorado from Phoenix after breaking up with my live-in boyfriend there. It was the most in my worth decision I have ever made, even though it was seriously emotionally stressful for awhile there! Anyway, since moving back home I’ve been doing a ton of work on myself through Lacy’s workshops and decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to move to a specific town in Colorado and wanted to manifest the perfect roommate. I wrote a list of who this person would be and went on with life. So fast forward and I randomly decide to get online and see if anyone was looking for a roommate in this town and instantly found a girl who is everything on my list!!! Down to a T! Same age as me, in college, etc. so I reached out to her. I didn’t hear back right away but figured right time, right place. Then I went and did another DI in the workshop and when I came out of it had a text from her! It’s been a crazy cosmic journey. We’re now looking for a place and I’m working on a list for that now too! I told the universe I wasn’t fucking around anymore in terms of being worthy of having what I want and it’s been rewarding me ten fold. Thank you so much Lacy! This shit WORKS. Not to mention how great you feel when you’re living everyday in your worth!

I am doing Shadow and I manifested a job proposition related to my hobby, the thing that I worked for so long to manifest. I received an invitation related to Kundalini yoga and different types of customers. I am so grateful as this perfect for my Projector Human Design (emotional).

I feel so inspired by Lacy, her work, and as she says, I am keeping with the internal work, as I see that it works. So grateful to be part of this uplifting group

Truly insane how much more free I feel after some awesome reparenting. So many manifestations flooding my way! Started the shadow work yesterday... cried it much truth and clarity and freedom. So excited to continue to learn grow and unblock! Just thought I’d share for anyone feeling unsure- keep it up!

Hi Lacy,
This exercise really resonated with me. It hit me HARD. It was the first time I’ve cried from an exercise. My word just shot out at me instantly, VANITY. I’ve been struggling with my skin/acne for over a year now and has immensely affected my self-esteem and overall confidence. When I look in the mirror all I see is my flaws, obsess over them, throw hate at myself and will determine my overall mood for the day. When I pictured myself older self-comforting my younger self/ me now, I am an enormous about my LOVE for myself, I give my younger self the biggest hug, wiped away my tears and touched my face and said, “don’t be ashamed of yourself, you are SO BEAUTIFUL, no one is perfect, except your flaws and OWN them.” I started bawling like a baby. It felt so good and I feel like a weight (the constant strive for perfection and constantly thinking what other people think of me) has lifted off my shoulders and I feel reassured and comfortable in knowing that everything is going to be okay. Thank you.

I wanted to write you to thank you for the unblocked workshops – I am doing the Reparenting for the third time, have done shadow once, partnership once, and opulence three times. Since starting this work in December my life has drastically changed – an unhealthy relationship, job and apartment situation were cleared out of my life!

I’ve manifested a great apartment that is in my price range, ideal location, great layout, and the office staff has been BEYOND accommodating with me. So much so that it’s actually unbelievable. I don’t know of another apartment complex that would work so diligently to get a tenant in a unit with crappy credit, no rental history, etc..Simply amazing. The lease is signed, but the finances are still blocked.

The finances, as well as other areas, are blocked because I had no idea the depth of how much I believe I’m not worth it. In doing mirror work everything I spoke out all went to believe I’m not worth it. From being able to buy furniture to feel safe in a new city/new place by myself, and everything in between. All of it boiled down to not feeling like I’m worth it.

Who knew there was so much junk and poisonous beliefs residing within me?? My goodness! No wonder I’ve drawn the crap to me that I have!
The work continues! I’m off to stand in front of the mirror and repeat over and over again until I’m cracking up laughing that I’m not safe because I’m not worth it.

Stay encouraged all of you beautiful souls! Keep doing the work and keep showing up for yourself. We are all worth it!
— UNBLOCKER Shadow, Reparent & Opulence