Take inventory on your personal self-worth & learn the energetics behind it

The UNBLOCKED™ No Tool is a 5-day workshop that is centered on taking deep inventory of your self-worth and identifying where you need to let go in order to create space for the subject(s) you wish to manifest. In this workshop, you’ll learn all about taking inventory and learning the energetics of ‘no’ as a way to enhance your magnetism and manifestation process. Each day you will be prompted to investigate your relationships, jobs, and all of the other unexpected things that you don’t even realize are dimming your magnetism and manifestation potential. 


5 Days of Workshop Content

10  Journal Prompts

2 Hypnotic Deep Imaginings

20-60 minutes of content for each workshop day 

Community support in the comment sections on each page


I’m reprogramming daily but nothing is happening

I have a hard time with saying no and boundaries

I’m not quite sure what in my life might be blocking me on the physical plane

Are my friends, family, and spatial elements adding magnetism to my life or taking it away?


This workshop is all about taking inventory and discovering personally what physical, relational, and spatial elements in your life are blocking you. It’s focused less on reprogramming, and much more on determining your blocks and giving you the energetics that you need to be communicating in order to remove them and create situational magnetism. This is a quicker workshop with quite a bit of ah-ha moments.

At the end of this course, you’ll have learned how to communicate the energetics of your worth to The Universe – far louder than simply verbal energetics. You’ll also have learned how to integrate this practice into your daily life while gaining community support and a better understanding of your most authentic, magnetic self. In order to complete this workshop, please have a device with access to WIFI, a pen, paper/journal and the proper time to dedicate to this deep inner work. 

Access at anytime that is convenient for you! All you need is your digital device, journal, pen and earphones.



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Sharing for an example of what lacy calls “situational magnetism” (and because I know you guys will appreciate this! ☺️):
I FINALLY let go of a job that i’ve been in and out of for 5 years (just went back about 6 months ago after telling myself I NEVER would again) that was soul-sucking, but convenient and comfortable. i could feel that it was energetically blocking me but i had so many feelings and fears about cutting the cord.
THE DAY AFTER, i had a job and an interview fall in my lap—both more aligned with what i want and way more money, plus other small opportunities filling in all the spaces where the job used to be. ✨✨✨
the Universe is mind-blowing. thanks Lacy for helping me along this beautiful journey of self-worth and trust. and this amazing group!!

In the midst of applying for ~22 jobs, I turned down 2 offers with stellar pay + great work bc they weren’t in alignment. Two months later I was hired for a highly sought after position deeply rooted in what I was desiring. It was *way* challenging practicing such unshakable trust but so transformative.💓

I’ve spent the last 6 months waiting and waiting for results on a project I paid someone to work on and it’s hardly moved forward. It was like this cycle of they’d get busy, my project would get put on the back burner, we’d reconnect after a while and then the same cycle happened over and over. Slow to no communication, very frustrating and defeating. It’s difficult for me because I trust this persons talents and really wanted to work with them, but finally last week I said enough is enough, this is NOT how I want this project go, this is not how I want myself or work to be treated. Also, let me emphasize that saying this is very difficult for me to do. I have a whole slew of self talk around saying “no” that is filled with doubt and guilt and fear. So right after telling him that my partner and I wanted the materials back, including some of the money paid, and that we were moving on, my partner and I reached out to someone else we knew was interested at one time in the project and immediately this new person responded “yes” and invited us for a meeting to discuss. The meeting went well, effortless almost. So at this point I’m still just staying curious and open to see how it all pans out but I felt so excited about the fast turn around of change after saying”no”. Fast forward to a few days later, trying to tie up the loose ends with the first guy, he explains how bummed he is that he’s not going to be working on it any more and that he overbooked himself etc. I then start to feel regretful (test?) that we’re not working together… So then that night my partner and I go out for dinner and we’re in our own little world when boom we get a text from this new person we’re going to start working with and he is sitting two seats away from us at the restaurant. We ended up siting next to them and chatting the whole way through dinner. We thought that was the coolest coincidence and that it seemed like a sign or wink from the universe that this is definitely the better connection. That maybe this will be more flowing, effortless and comfortable. Time will tell and so will the completion of the project but we’ve been feeling so “buzzed” from the way things unfolded with something that was painful and frustrating. ( also, my partner said after dinner that he had an image in his mind of us eating dinner with this person prior to going in to the restaurant ) <3

I have done many of Lacy’s tools including Opulence, Reparent, No, Shadow, and am now doing The Formula and Magnetism Workshop because I want to do daily reprograming to reinforce the work I have already done. (I have a great partner or I would have done partnership too.)

I can’t tell you how much these tools have helped me. I have manifested things as small as a pair of ridiculously inexpensive brand new salsa shoes and as large as having just recently manifested the perfect mid century modern home by a very specific AZ architect AND within our budget to buy. (We closed last week.)
Said no to a relationship that wasn’t serving me and called in a trip to Thailand, a new job and dream apartment (in my budget) in the west village. 🙌🏼 #NO

I wanted to share a realization I had that I feel may help some!
Around last year I started telling the Universe to show me what I was put on this Earth to do. Oddly enough, a bit after I found Lacy’s work. I spent all of 2016 and some of 2017 with a self victimizing, pitying, and pessimistic attitude.
I was at the point of refusing to work for corporate America/9-5 jobs/corrupt institutions. In 2015 I heard about the remote work lifestyle and I promised myself I would base my job around my values and my happiness. I took many jobs with kick-ass female owned businesses but the alignment just wasn’t there —whether it was finances, timing, etc.
One after another I had to keep following my gut and saying no. I’m laughing now because at the time I didn’t realize how much I was being tested. I was just tested again the other week. Lacy’s work and my own spiritual practice have helped me trust my gut and only say hell yes.
I’m sharing this because I want you to know how powerful all of your no’s can be. I had to say no to women I adored, my mentors, and friends because it just wasn’t a hell yes. It was gut wrenching at times. I used to have someone else read and re read my responses before I sent them my no. From small projects to new positions (that the universe tested me with and then further helped me by rescinding the offer when I almost said yes to a hell naw) I can’t count the amount of times I’ve said no last year and this. It’s truly been a revelation thinking back about how each no (no matter how guilty or worried I was about it) brought me closer and closer to my hell yes! I started taking unblocked no last year and regretfully never finished but still managed to learn it’s power. I think I will revisit when I’m done with reparent.
This year I’m relocating to Portland to work for a company aligned with my values and who see and pay me for my worth. It was an accidental manifestation as I’m not good with wristing specific lists and gave the universe pretty much free reign to show me, but it was a hell yes nonetheless. Basically all this to say this is your daily reminder that everytime you say NO, youre saying yes to your authentic self, your growth, your worth, and your highest good.

Lacy, I am freaking out! The apartment is so sweet, lovely, and warmer than I could ever imagine and sun all day long. (Expanders everywhere - gorgeous calm couples w young children), AND I hired a decorator which I would never have done. And I never ever mentioned this to her (or anyone) but the chair I had been searching for months, but it was so high (1st dibs) so I said oh forget it. She sent me this link from the cab on her way back. Omg, it is The Chair in my mind at a price I can afford! I had to share this with you! Sorry so long.

I’m doing NO again with work/money in mind because I haven’t been able to find work in nearly a year even though I’m smart and with a lot of potential. Every day I’m blown away by what your method, that seems so simple bus is so powerful, allows to come up. Things I knew but didn’t realise to what extent they affected me. Just now i realised how much I don’t validate my existence, my feelings, my tastes, my needs... I’ve got a LOT of work to do! Thank you for giving us the tools to grow so much