VOL. 1 • The Art Of Floating

Vol. 1

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Hi guys, and welcome to Supported. I'm so excited to have you here. This is the very first one, so I think we'll start out with me giving you a little kind of conscious collectiveness. I want to start opening it with kind of a teaching, or what I'm seeing that's really common right now within my practice.

This one that I want to start out with is the concept of floating. Essentially, that's what we're doing all of this work to do, is to come back into our authentic, confident, trusting, floating self, which you've heard people talk about in manifestation books. It's that total trust complete release.

But what they don't really talk about is how to get there, or tools around it. It's just kind of, "Reach this state or this frequency, and that's where you manifest." There's truth in that, that's actually true, but that floating state is actually your point, your own version of it, of total trust and who you authentically, confidently are. That confidence is your self worth, and not budging from that.

That's kind of the state we're all trying to reach, and we're all in very different places getting to our own version of it. Obviously, the more that you were raised in an environment that didn't support that state of being for who you are individually and authentically, there's going to be a lot more de-layering, letting go of stuff, stepping into your power, taking actionable steps that are hard at first where you have to really lean in and trust, passing tests and jumping off cliffs.

Essentially, we're doing all of that simultaneously to try to get to that state of total and complete floating and being so that everything comes to us. Every one of us were born with that. As a baby, we were already in that state and we kind of already had our authenticity about us, our soul did, coming on to the planet.

Everything you're doing with me is all about getting into that float state. I just want to kind of talk about that so you have an analogy for everything you're up to, where you're trying to just get back to. I kind of don't want to keep bringing it up, because it's actually a version of down, of total, complete, grounded trust, confidence, authenticity.

I feel like I'm thinking about a certain two people way too much. If I'm plugged into them or they're into me or we're plugged into each other, is that creating a block for my own personal manifestation process? Is their energy is either distracting me or getting in the way?

If you're plugged into people that you might have dated and they're crossing your mind all the time, or maybe you're still grieving the pain of a breakup, or you're obsessed over them and you've never been with them, there's sort of a natural process that has to happen for you to fully let them go, which takes time. Your heart needs to fully just let it go and process on its own.

Again, if you're grieving a breakup, that's something that kind of just happens naturally. You'll see in movies, they'll tell guys, "Go and have sex with a lot of chicks," and it doesn't really do anything.

It's a natural process, so forgive yourself and let that happen naturally. However, your actionable steps when that is happening is to not engage with them, meaning don't check their social media or you open up that wound again and you're reinforcing it, and their energy is really taking up a wider space for you, and it's creating that time of grieving to go slower.

That's one thing, is just don't engage. It's harder said than done, but it's up to you. If you really want to move on, you'll stop.

The second part of it, too, is ... All you need to do is past tests from them. Again, if it's someone that you had been with that you left for the betterment of yourself, usually when you start doing work on yourself and you put yourself out there again, they'll pop back as a test, testing to see if you'll settle for that again.

Don't. Those are the only two components you really need to worry about, when it's taking up space for you.

Now, when it comes back to the question, looping back, is it blocking from other people to come in? Yes, it can be. If you're still really grieving it and your heart's still really attached to the experience and you're having a hard time, that's just taking up space in your energetic field.

Again, the time for you right now is to focus on yourself. Let the grieving happen naturally. Don't engage. Pass tests from them, but you can't force this process. That's something that I really want to say. It takes time.

I think one of the statistics I heard, which we're also individual and different, was it takes half the time that you were together for some people. Give yourself that licensing.

But also, make sure that you're not trying to rush into something right away again to just distract you or get high, because it feels so good to be in love, or because it's hard for you to be by yourself. Really take inventory of that, and if you're doing it for those reasons that's another block. Those things aren't going to come in, because you're not in your authentic work. That's how I'll answer that question.

I really need to Make money, but the job from my list hasn't come through yet and I got an offer for lower than what I know I'm worth and I have on my list, and it's not totally what I want to do. Do I take this job because I really need the money and I'm in debt, or do I pass this up?

Here's the deal: if you have on your list, you're manifesting in your dream job and it is ... A few things aren't in play. If you're not expanded enough for it, meaning you haven't seemed to believe that it's possible for you, you don't have enough experience in it so you don't have enough confidence to be in your worth and your power to attract it in, it's not going to be coming right away.

You need gaps, you need bridges to get there, to build into it. If you have this on your list and it's not coming through, one of those things are at play. You don't feel in your worth enough about it, or you're not expanded enough for it, or you're just going to receive quite a few tests, because you've settled with such low self worth in positions you've been in before.

All of that will be at play when you're trying to manifest in this job, and all three components have to actively be in balance and pass to come together, for that to come through. If you're listening to this right now and you're recognizing, because you're self aware, that "I don't have one of those components in play or two of them or three of them," that job can't come through, therefore you're going to need something intermittently to allow you to expand enough to get there, to really get the confidence, the experience to be in your power, and to have enough of a net to pass tests.

That bridge can look a couple of different ways. It can be saving up a really big "Fuck you fund" is what I call them. I like for my clients, if they're really looking to transition from a job they hate, say they've been in corporate forever and they're really wanting to move into their passion, they need to have at least three to six months of their full monthly income in the bank, so they have enough time to go and work all of those muscles, to get them all in play, to be expanding enough, to be in their confidence enough. Mentoring under people, interning under people to really learn and know that they're worthy enough and have the experience, and so they have enough of a cushion to pass tests along the way.

That's one of those really important bridges to have in play. Now, if you don't have that in play, you need a job to make that come into play, or if you're lucky enough to have a trust or other weird things that you inherit. There needs to be some safety net. Again, if you don't have that, you need to go get a job or have job right now to create that. It's awesome if that job's sort of within the field of what you're wanting to do, again. If you're having to go get a bridge job, taking one where you're able to mentor under or assist somebody who is your expander or who does things that are like your expanding, or elements of the expanding career you're going to be in. But, that bridge needs to be in play.

For the person asking that, you're needing that bridge right now. If it's just a whatever, mindless job for you that you have to do because the other opportunities aren't coming that are kind of like what you're calling in, that's your starting point. That's where you're saving up your money. Making sure to put that bridge together.

The next component is ... I have an article on the blog called "Transitioning Careers" that you can Google and find that talks about this. The other elements you need, and I always tell people, is when you're transitioning into your dream career and you're starting to do that dance with the universe to be able to have time to pass all those tests and to really expand, I really encourage you to minimize your expenses as much as possible.

For me, when I went to go do that and I was leaving my teaching job that I hated so much, that year I saved up 4000 dollars. I also joined insurance with my mom so it would be the cheapest possible. I had the cheapest rent heard of in Los Angeles. I cut my phone bill down and joined that with my mom. I knew that I needed to cut my overhead to nothing. That whole year I was working as a teacher, I paid of all of my debt so that my overhead a month was 600 dollars.

That gave me so much freedom to listen and get the pings and the clarity to start this blog. I had the space for that finally, and I was also in my worth by leaving my old job. I had done years of different jobs that gave me the tools necessary to be able to carry out the blog once I started it. I was an actress, which allowed me to be seen, and I was a model, to be photographed. I also was an interior designer for a while. I had to mentor under a woman for free to learn, then I started my own firm. That gave me the eye, the aesthetic, and how to style. My first job in Los Angeles was a producer. I started out at the front desk, and then I became a producer. That taught me so much about business and how to run a business.

Everything we do along the way is giving us the tools we need once we're in that space of worth and we're on our flow to receive our download of what to follow.

Again, the big tips are to minimize your expenses and create a bridge, when you're really trying to manifest in this alternative career. If you're not in unblocked opulence, you need to be in that right now to be learning even what I'm talking about in more depth and how to go through it. Those are really important elements.

I know all manifestation books talk about, "Just leave, visualize and be in the frequency and you'll get it." I'm sorry, but this form of manifestation, the one that I've done for years now, it takes work, it takes stepping into your power, it takes expanding, and you need a cushion to be able to really, really dance with the universe. When you get down to the rock bottom, into that magic dark where you're like, "Oh, my account's running out and I don't think I'm going to be able to say no to my next test." You need that cushion.


Is it possible to confuse the concept of "No" until it's a "Hell yes" with staying small and avoiding situations of growth into our authentic selves?

Yes, it is. In fact, I find a lot of clients who are introverts, or they feel really far away from their worth and their authentic-ness, or they're just afraid. They often hide behind the concept of saying "No" until it's a "Hell yes." They find every excuse in the world to be like, "No, that's not a hell yes yet," when what's actually happening is that they're just afraid to put themselves out there.

When I detect that, I actually give them the opposite, which is developing their ego a little bit more and having to say "Yes" to everything that scares them. One little thing I talk about a lot with my clients ... It's kind of like [Araveda 00:13:14] when it comes to manifestation. The opposite is usually the healing. That's in ratio to whatever's going on with you.

For the person who often hides behind "No" because it's safe, what they're really needing, their medicine is to start saying "Yes" to the things that make them afraid. That's going to create their situational magnetism.

For instance, if a person decides, "I'm not ready to go out. I'm calling in community, but I'm not ready to go out and join a yoga class and like-minded communities where I'll put myself around people where I can actually meet them, because it just doesn't feel right yet, so it's not a hell yes." That's somebody who's just hiding out of fear.

If you're identifying with this and you feel like you're leaning more to this introverted, afraid self, it's time to sit down and ... Sorry. If you're somebody who's leaning more towards this introverted, afraid self, it's time for you to sit down in meditation and really, really get down to whether you're saying "No" out of where, which is the case you need to start saying "Yes" to whatever you're afraid of, or if you're saying "No" because it's really not right for you. Don't get them confused. I'm not here to hold your hand, so you really need to start getting honest with yourself.

This work in manifestation is just as much about the subconscious and internal as it is about actionable, physical steps. If you're identifying with that, do not hide behind "No." Your real medicine is actually "Yes" to what scares you right now, and putting yourself out of your comfort zone.

I've gone through partnership repairing in opulence. I was able to see some of my block and realize that I felt unworthy in areas of my relationship and career that I never knew about before. It has definitely helped me to become less stressed on a day to day basis, but since not much has really been showing up yet I'm worried that I haven't reprogrammed enough, and that there are still blocks that I haven't discovered. My question is, how do you know when you're reprogramming enough and you have enough self worth?

One thing I like to remind people who email in and they're like, "I'm doing the DIs every day, I've done a lot of the work but nothing's really coming through. How do I know if I've reprogrammed enough or if I have enough self worth?"

The one thing that I intuitively feel I need to say to people in this position is, this process has a few moving parts that are all, again, equally important to have in balance, at play. Those coming together is when your manifestation comes through.

Of course reprogramming is such a vital part of this process, and it's actually what really lacks in most manifestation, because most manifestation asks you to only do things on the physical level or energetically make yourself be in frequency. A lot of manifestation out there asks you to dress the way you want to dress to feel in vibration with what you want, making these physical things that are superstitious and don't really work.

However, for all of this to be working, every unit has to be rolling and in play, meaning you have to be expanded enough and you have to be passing tests and you need to be doing everything on the physical plane where you're small. You need to be removing that. You need to be taking steps to declutter your life and get things out of it that aren't reflecting your worth and your authentic-ness. Whether that's friendships or whatever, unblocking is wonderful to help you start to see what that is.

Every moving thing has to be happening in order for your manifestations to come through. You'll know when you've reprogrammed enough on something. I just did a Facebook video on this in the manifestation group. Essentially, you won't have those things that used to trigger you popping up in your life anymore, and they won't be triggering you any more.

It's like, you won't be manifesting in situations anymore that used to, that triggered you, and things that used to trigger you won't trigger you. The world just kind of starts showing up a little bit differently to you. You'll also notice that you feel a lot more in your power and your worth, and things don't bother you as much anymore. That's when you know you've reprogrammed in ratio to what you're calling in kind of enough.

Another thing that I recommend if you haven't done it is going through the formula and magnetism workshop, which gives you that daily reprogramming tool. It helps you just look at each individual thing that's popping up for you and triggering you. It's kind of like really just chiseling away every day to get into your most magnetic, authentic self.

But again, for you introverts that are only doing the reprogramming and you're not out really seeking the expanders and you're not shifting things on a physical plane, not much is going to happen. Everything has to be in play for this to work.


Suppose there's a woman who could be an expander. She's similar to you and successful in the areas you'd like to be successful in, but you find her really annoying; full of herself. I wonder if the annoyance cancels out the expanding.

There's two ways that I want to answer this. Number one: yes, this person's absolutely your expander. I'll get into personal reasons and examples of how that's happened to me. But two, most importantly, the reason why you've attracted this person into your life and this dynamic ... It's a reflection of your subconscious, of things that you've rejected in your shadow that you judge in her, that's she's actually your opportunity and your mirror to do shadow work so that you can reintegrate that aspect and become a little bit more whole, so that you stop attracting that dynamic.

I do guarantee, once you do do the shadow work and you really hit the aspect of your shadow that she is representing and triggering, you'll stop attracting that dynamic. Your dynamic with her will shift, or she'll fall out of your life because it doesn't serve her anymore.

That's actually the most important answer of this, for anybody who has those triggering expanders or triggering people in your life. They're always your opportunity to do shadow work. Any time you do shadow work and you reclaim that rejection, you become a little bit more whole and a little bit more powerful to where people don't hold anything that they can magnetically use against you. I really recommend doing that.

The first part of it ... They're absolutely your expander. I've had many people who drive me nuts and annoy me expand me immensely. Once you can get past that and do the shadow work so that they aren't able to activate you anymore, you'll see how incredibly expansive they are. I've had one woman in the wellness industry who we used to be quite close, and she has such a sound business mind. It's wild.

She was actually the first person who told me, "You need to open services." I was like, "Me? I don't have a background and a certification and all this stuff." She saw that and held that vision for me, and she just was savvy at business and marketing and promotion and growing businesses within the wellness industry, but as soon as I started to have a little bit of success, she really, really reared her shadow at me. It was really confronting for her.

Even though there was friction and tension, she's still a massive expander for me, and I've had it happen with multiple people in different dynamics, where we never had a good start. Take what you can get. They're your expander, but before you can really, truly do that in a clear way where your subconscious will open and receive it, you're going to need to do the shadow work around it so that it stops triggering you, so that your subconscious isn't registering that as like, "Ew, I don't want that near me. Ugh." You need to do the work around it.


This may seem like the silliest question, but when I'm doing the DIs and you say to imagine rolling my eyes back into my head, should I be doing that physically, like looking with eyes closed at my third eye or around there? Or is it purely imaginative? This drives me crazy every single time, and I'd love to know what it is you are intending for us to do so I stop over analyzing it and sink in deeper.

This isn't a silly question at all. In fact, it's really good. I'm probably answering this in the first video, and I'm sorry I haven't answered this in the DIs, but you actually should be legitimately rolling your eyes back into the back of your socket as far as they go when you're doing the DIs, when I prompt you to, because what you're doing is you're activating a muscle that knocks you into hypnosis a lot quicker. Yes, do that.

But the bigger thing I want to answer on this is please don't get too neurotic or overanalyze your DI experience. The tips I really want to give people, as we do in a lot of the welcome posts, is to just get very relaxed before you do them. Epsom salt baths are great, massages, a mini meditation before to really calm your nervous system down and ground. You'll usually go much deeper, but again, if things aren't coming up for you it's okay. It just means your subconscious is holding on tight. It's a control mechanism. It's a safety mechanism.

It's like, "We're not letting go of control and opening up." It just means you've been through a lot of experiences in your lifetime where you've had to be in survival mode and in control. That's okay. Know that it's slowly starting the unwinding process for you, and things might pop up all over the place that are different. It could be when you're driving, it could be when you're sleeping in your dreams, it can be when you really, really, really let go that things start to unleash. But know you are doing something, and when you are in a hypnotic state, whether you're consciously letting go and relaxing into it, your subconscious is taking direction, and your neural pathways are being created.

Relax and let that experience happen. This isn't to say to fall asleep during them. If you are, it means you're an overly worked person. Your nervous system's too stimulated and these are taking you into a deep relaxation. That's why you're falling asleep.

I always suggest to people to sit up in a chair. That helps a lot, but when you're not having things come up, it's okay. Give yourself a break. Don't be neurotic. The work is starting, it is opening, it is unleashing, and just continue with the work. But yes, do roll your eyes back in the socket so that you can activate that muscle and just get into hypnosis a lot quicker.


How do I know if what my list is what I actually want, or more for my ego? If someone is not my whole list, say I know they're shorter than six feet but I'm worried that the height requirement is for my ego, do I still go on a date with them or meet up with them?

Okay, so if you're asking this question, it's imperative to go and do the formula magnetism workshop, because it goes over the list in depth in a whole video with written exercises and questions to help prompt you deeper. But just off the cusp generally ... I like to give this really superficial example a lot, to start to determine if something is from your ego or not.

If you're, let's say, calling in a trip to Iceland because you want your ex and his new girlfriend to see on your Instagram how awesome your new life is, that's superficial, but if you're calling it in because you're so drawn to the landscape and you keep feeling called there before global warming ruins it, and you keep getting pings of Iceland everywhere, that's a more heart centered calling. You're being communicated in full there. That's from your heart.

In a relationship, I really like to walk my clients through this a lot. In partnership, you probably had to do this during the workshop. But it's really about getting down to the core of why you're asking.

Again, if you're someone who's asking like, "I need this height from this person," really doing the work and asking yourself the questions of where you picked up that programming. Was it societal? Was it parental? Is it an insecurity, a low self worth thing inside of you that's making you feel like you need that? Or, are you legitimately totally un-attracted to somebody who's short?

Again, maybe looking at that program too to see the shadow work around that, but if that's going on, it's important for you to get down to the core. An example I give in the workshop of partnership from one of my clients was, she was calling in somebody who's British and has red hair. This was on her list for years while we were working together. When she really did the work to get down to it, she realized she had picked up programming that British guys with red hair have a great sense of humor, and that's what actually matters to her. That's the programming that was sort of creating her subconscious. Her subconscious was desiring that over and over again.

Really, really getting down to the core and letting all of the fluff go, because the universe fills in the fluff so beautifully. Again, if somebody's showing up that seems to be a lot of your list but they're not six feet tall, that's a superficial thing. Yes, go on a date with them. If they're showing up on your list and they're not six feet tall and they're also not emotionally available or they're a player or they don't want to commit or they're already kind of narcissistic and not opening the door ... I don't know what matters to you, but if there's real elements of red flags it's a "No," or if they really don't fit your list and they're not six feet tall, no. If they really don't fit your list and they are six feet tall, no.

I wouldn't worry about the superficial stuff as much. I would be pleasantly surprised. An example for me, when I was calling in my fiance that I have now, I had been dating generally tall, blond-haired, surfer-y type guys. Fascinatingly enough, the years leading up to calling him in, I had noticed subconsciously, my soul was really connecting with darker guys. I really noticed that because I was drawn to the lead character of Peaky Blinders, then I also noticed it ... I was really drawn to Christopher Abbot's character in Girls.

It was kind of like this darker, sort of bad boy startup kind of thing. When I went to call in the list of my current fiance it was like, "46, tall, long blond surfer beach hair," all this kind of stuff ... And I did go on a few dates with some tests that were like that, and I turned them down right away. When I met my fiance at a barbecue that was like a total haphazard thing, I didn't give a shit that he was darker and shorter. He fit everything on my list. Again, it's that superficial stuff ... Absolutely try it out, if they're really meeting the core things on your list.

I'm beginning to feel confused by how my 12 step program and manifestation work together. Sitting in meetings with people who are struggling makes me feel the opposite of expanded. Answering calls from fellows I'd rather not speak to makes me question my saying "No" skills. I know that the program has to become first, because without abstinence, I can't manifest anything and won't have a full life to live. Since Lacy is a 12 step person, maybe she can touch on the interplay between the two roles.

Absolutely. This is a fantastic question. I have so much 12 step experience, and I also have so much experience with the mom that I've gone to 12 step with and I've tried to get her to do 12 step. For her, it wasn't her sobriety route, mostly because of what you're talking about, where she was in a very isolated small town, so every meeting she goes to ... Which is unfortunate, but it's not inspiring to her. Everybody's missing their teeth and they're really down and out. There's nothing there that inspires and expands her.

There's a few layers I want to suggest to help answer this. Number one: it's really about finding the meetings where you're surrounded around people who really inspire you; at least two people. I know that in LA we're so absolutely spoiled. I mean, when I go to one of my KODA meetings or an Al-Anon meeting, I'm sitting next to three celebrities and hipsters. But, I've done my fair share of meetings here as well where I go and I'm like, "God, I'm not inspired by anyone. This is really bringing me down and depressing me.

I started to look at it from my own personal perspective, and I start to go, "Hm. There's some opportunity to do some shadow work here, because what I'm turned off by and what people in this group are reflecting back to me ... Things back in my childhood or adolescence that I picked up that weren't okay, and I wouldn't be loved if I was those things.

I actually started to use it as a way to go and do my shadow work. I would look at people who I would have judgements about, and I would start to go home and do the work through the workshop. I mean, I had my own process at that point that wasn't a workshop, but I would then use them to help me reintegrate aspects of myself that I had totally rejected.

I cannot stress enough how important shadow work is to getting into your magnetism and really accepting yourself as a whole. These mirrors in your life that are showing up that are making you feel activated, judgemental, turned off, are all opportunities to become that whole spectrum of a person. Because every single person inhabits every single ray of the human experience or the human condition inside of them.

When I'm sitting here judging Trump, there's work for me to do on myself, because there's stuff about me that I need to reintegrate that I've rejected about myself. It doesn't mean that I have to agree with Trump and his policies, but it means that there's something there that owns me, that I don't own, and this process is all about becoming your own, authentic, owned person, so that other things can't blow you like the wind.

That's one thing I really encourage you to do if you're struggling, or if you're in a community where you don't have the luxury of going to meetings where everyone around you is an expander or three people are an expander. I really invite you to start using it to do shadow work.

The second thing is, I'd love to tell you about ... And I'm actually about to be on their podcast, or if you're watching this much later after we filmed it I have been on their podcast, and it's called Ignited. You can find it under our press page or ... You will be finding it under our press page if you're watching this the first time as well.

Dr. Adi Jaffe, who went through the whole 12 step process and realized it's not for everybody, or he has tools that could be really helpful in addition to your 12 step program. He works a lot like I work. It's a lot about the psychology, the shame, and he has a fully ... I don't know the best way to put it. A really beautiful lens at addiction and healing and recovery around it that isn't just abstinence, or it isn't just only doing the actual steps. It goes a lot deeper. I really, really suggest checking out his work. I think so highly of it. I've even introduced it to my mom.

The next part that I just want to say is, I know a big part of the 12 step program is about answering your call from your fellows or checking in on your people or taking on sponsors and [sponsees 00:34:49]. For me, as somebody is so individual and I need so much time alone based on just my signs and human design, it wasn't perfect for me. I just didn't participate in those elements that drained me too much.

Again, if you're seeking sobriety because of actual addiction, it's not just Al-Anon and these other forms of 12 steps, it might be really, really imperative within your recovery process. For me, I always did the steps and all that stuff, but I didn't contribute to the phone calls and things like that as much, because it really, really took away from my system. Maybe looking to see how to restructure the program that works the best for you, while still making sure that you're continuing with every single step and the things you need to do to complete it, might be a beautiful way to find that balance. And good luck.


How do I manifest my dream job/discover my dharma when I'm not clear on what I want or what I'm doing?

Well, do we have the full hour? This is such a layered, layered question. First, I want to encourage you to Google the article "Clarity Takes Time." I'd love you to also make sure that you do the clarity exercise we have on the "Start Here" page as important.

The next place I want to start to answer this, and obviously do opulence if you haven't done that, because you need to, but I'll kind of answer a chunk of this. A lot of people have no idea right now what they want to do, or what they're supposed to be doing. That's exactly where you're supposed to be, most likely.

I kind of touched on it already in this video, but everything I did before I finally was clear enough to open and receive the ping ... And I say clear enough meaning that I had really jumped off the cliffs and said "No" to low self worth stuff, so it opened up space for me and allowed for my download to come through. That could have just been my specific circumstances. Yours could be very different of what you're needing to do to open up that intuition and that clarity to speak with the Universe, and receive those downloads.

Before I got that true ping, I got to look back, and I look back right now. Every job I did leading up to the one that I currently have, completely gave me the exact tools I needed in order to do what I'm doing now, and in order to receive the clarity to be able to do what I'm doing now.

I didn't go to college. Maybe you did, but I needed to go through all of these jobs to basically learn real life college, to be able to do this. For instance, and I've already mentioned it, when I was an assistant producer and producer for post-production, I really learned how to run a business and how to work and how to report to people and how to just get shit done under a deadline. There was that. I also learned a lot about filming and film school and all that kind of good stuff, all in one little place.

Then when I was an actress and a model, it helped me learn to tools of how to be seen and helped me learn all sorts of stuff. It helped me learn a lot about my manifestation process. When you're breaking down a character as an actor for seven years, you learn a lot about how people work and why they do what they do. It really helped my patterning with being able to work with clients. That was huge.

As a waitress, I learned immense skills about entertaining, looking at food, presenting food, food photography. I mean, it's crazy. Then at some point I explored, thinking I wanted to be an interior designer, and I worked under an incredible interior designer from [Commune 00:38:39] as an intern fully free, because nobody would hire me with no experience. That's where I really refined and developed my eye of aesthetic. Most importantly, because I already had it, it gave me the confidence that like, "Oh, what I was doing was just as good as what she's doing. She's just had a lot more experience than me." So she was a massive expander.

Right after I finished interning with her, I went and started my own interior firm and I started getting clients and I learned really quickly I didn't like doing it for other people, I liked doing it for myself.

Everything I'd done, every little place where I've been so lost and begging the universe to show me what my thing is so things could finally start working out, had to happen in order for me to get the clarity, all the tools I needed to be doing what I do now for work, for the blog, for working with people on manifestation.

Wherever you're at, just know you're there for a reason. That's a big part of it. Then the other things I encourage you to do in opulence are really, really learning where your blocks are right now, what needs to be moved around, how you really need to be saying "No" and stepping into your worth on the physical as well as the subconscious, and reprogramming. All of that's gonna contribute to you starting to gain space for clarity.

It's like everything has to come together at the right point for you to receive that download. When you've picked up all the tools you need to be pretty prepared foundationally for what you're supposed to be doing, as well as really removing the stuff that's clouding you from even being open enough and worthy enough to feel like you deserve hearing and receiving what your thing is.

The biggest thing I encourage in our society, which is so about results and success and "Do stuff now ..." When it comes to spirituality and you're working with the universe, there's no such thing as time and space, which is the hardest thing for us to learn and hear as physical beings in a physical realm in the physical plane. Yeah, no, it's non-dimensional that way.

Everything kind of has to line up within you, and the tools and the things and the everything for you to receive. Just trusting in that. That's one element that I really want to answer in it, and what you can actionably and actively do right now, aside from the work through opulence and re-parenting and the formula magnetism and shadow, what you can really be doing ... I've made clients do this all the time, and they start to really find their thing a lot quicker ... Is go down every rabbit hole that interests you right now.

I don't care if it seems absurd, but if you're feeling this real pull and interest, explore it. If you're like, "Oh my God, I'm obsessed with astrology." Read all the astrology books you can get your hands on. It might not be your thing, but you're going to be picking tools from it and learning things from it to maybe write your book one day.

Everything you have, every ping you're getting and inspiration, it's a clue, one step closer to where you're supposed to be going. Just drink it up, and drink it all in, and let go of what doesn't serve you. If you're at a point where you're like, "Nah, I'm bored with this now," let it go. That's the biggest tip I can give you, is just go down every rabbit hole. If you don't have a lot of money, it's online researching and Googling. If you have money, go to school and get a certification in whatever it is you're interested in right now, but follow the rabbit holes, along in conjunction of everything else I've talked about. Trust me, your clarity's gonna start to hit you.

One last example I want to give you on this, because I know that this is such a big question I get all the time ... When I started Free and Native, I had no fucking idea how to monetize it or live off of it. I just got that download that this is what I needed to do. Again, that was my download. It might not be yours. You're your own individual person. Your downloads are gonna come in different ways.

But, I started to just do exactly what I'm telling you. I started to just go down every rabbit hole. At first I was like, "I need a certification. Everybody's done IIN I started to look at IIN and I was like, "Oh my God, this is so cheesy," and everybody I talked to was like, "Oh, it did nothing for me and it was one of the worst experiences."

I knew to stay away from things and paying for things that didn't really pull at me, but I did Google and I would read books and I would do everything. I took so many iteration during this process, until ... I became an herbalist. I would coach people through herbalism and stuff like that. I also was a social media person for [Amanda Munjus 00:43:14], because I wanted her to be an expander and a mentor for me, and she was just that. I did so many things for people to explore. What's my thing? How am I gonna survive financially with this blog?

Then one day, all my resources dried up, and I had been sitting on ... For two years, I had had clients telling me, "You need to put manifestation out there." I kept getting the downloads, I need to put manifestation out there. I have a very different approach to it. Finally one day when I was so broke in a December ... The universe loves to do that, to take away all your resources, to really push you out of the nest.

I was like, "Okay universe, I'm so afraid to do this, this is so weird, what I'm gonna be talking about in the world, and I'm so afraid of what all those people in hometown are gonna think of me, who are super conservative," but I did it, and I put it out there, and it was so my thing that it just took off right away.

Unless I had explored all of those routes, I would have never had the confidence and I wouldn't have had the tools to be prepared to put this out there. I really want to encourage you. You're not alone. Everybody goes through it. Some people know what they want to do when they're little, but they have to go through so many experiences to acquire tools and status.

Where you're at is perfect. It's unique, and your download will come. Follow all of the things that are lighting you up and interesting you, and drop them as soon as they don't. Also, really kind of doing the other work that can kind of delayer and give you space to being open and worthy enough to receive that download.

I've discovered that my mother's love for outside validation makes me sick to my stomach, and it's somewhat one of the reasons why I have such a huge problem with being seen. It's been really difficult for me to pinpoint how I can reprogram this aspect. How do I do this?

It seems that shadow's gonna be the theme of today's whole lecture. This goes for anything that you're finding, when you're doing re-parenting, within your parents that just makes you feel ... That you just reject so fully, and it's so painful or it disgusts you and you don't want to be anything like them.

What's really going on there ... When we're little, we notice that most likely that behavior was abandoning for you, and taking away from you of your needs when you were little, or you witnessed maybe your mom behaving that way from the outside world, she got a lot of pushback or wasn't accepted or was shameful, or whatever.

When you're witnessing that when you're little, or you're feeling it, to you it seems unsafe and not good, so you throw it away into your shadow and never want to be anything like that, because of whatever variables, how it affected you.

However, as long as that stays in your shadow and that you're rejected by it and turned off whenever you see it and turned off if she's still like it, that owns you in the world. It dims your magnetism. You're not your whole, authentic self.

Being your whole, authentic self means owning your power. In order to own your power, you need to have your full spectrum of human self. If you can be activated by everything in the world, that's owning your power. It's playing you like a puppet. It's keeping you small when something feels really big and grandiose. It's also keeping you disgusted and making you look away from things that might be the perfect thing for you.

However, when you do the work around it and own them and integrate it and bring this back into you and you accept it and you start to accept that your mother's only that because she didn't receive when she was little. It has nothing to do with her. She was, again, this little being who came onto the planet and received all of this other programming.

Doing the shadow work's gonna allow you to start accepting your mom and anybody else in the world that is also triggering this inside of you and activating this inside of you. The biggest thing it's going to do for you ... It's gonna allow you to start accepting yourself to be seen. When we accept ourselves as being seen, which I had to do so much work on ... You can see it in my career. You can see when all of a sudden my career started really becoming noticeable and my work became noticeable. It's because I did a shit ton of shadow work, and I was like, "Okay, at last, I've really integrated all of those things I'm super embarrassed about or they make me hide, and now I'm really, really willing to show up, and ... Fuck it, be seen."

It took me really having to own whatever I was insecure about or was owning me. I would own it around people who I really admired, and I'd be so freaked out if they found this out about me, or I'd own it on the blog. Now I can do that stuff in real time, very quickly. I just own it. Once I do, nobody else can, and once I've integrated it and I'm like, "Yeah, that's a part of me. It's a part of everyone. It's the human experience."

It allows me to start to have compassion and accept everybody in the world. It allows me to do this work with people, so I don't judge anything about them or their experience when I'm working with them. I can just look from above, and right away tell them what they need to do.

I can't recommend that enough. If you're like, "Oh my God, but I've already done shadow work and this didn't do anything," do it again. Pick up the book The Light Side of the Dark Chasers and really do the work out of it. Really start owning your shadow. Until you do, you won't be comfortable with being seen, therefore it's gonna be really hard for you to attract the bigger success you're wanting in whatever capacity that is for you. It's also gonna be harder for you to be your whole, authentic, magnetic, powerful self.

I know Lacy said that it's not possible to manifest health, and I'm hoping she can expand on why this is impossible. I have endocrine issues similar to Lacy, and wondering if she has felt that unblocking has affected her health. Is manifesting health something she hopes to do in the future?

just want to pop in and answer this really quickly. I personally have never had any success when it comes to manifestation and health, in my own personal process. Therefore, I just don't teach it to anybody, because I don't know how to do it. I would never teach something that I haven't had success in, and that I haven't had success multiple times with lots of clients. It doesn't mean you can't manifest health. I'm sure there's a way, I just personally haven't cracked that code yet. There's not much I can teach on it.

Reprogramming has affected my health in really good ways, actually. A lot of the emotional releasing and trauma is definitely connected with a lot of my issues. I've definitely seen a lot of improvement with my digestive system. I've seen endocrine improvement. I've seen improvement in my sleep. It's also helped me be less triggered by stressors that would stress my endocrine system.

Doing the deep imaginings and getting to the root of where I picked up blocks have been phenomenally helpful for me, but they haven't cured my stuff. I would never teach on that, but I really hope where you're at on your health journey that you're finding the right resources you need.

The way that I approach manifestation and health for myself personally, is every year when I'm calling in stuff, or monthly when I'm calling in stuff, I call in, "Universe, please send me the right healer, the teacher, the book, the whatever that's gonna take me further in learning what I need."

I also practice a lot of self hypnosis around health, and really being able to see, in a hypnotic state, the different ways, down to deep anatomy, that my body's healing and shifting. I can recommend that, but until I really have a solid process in how to use co-creating with the universe to heal my own issues and client's issues, I won't teach it to you guys. I'm wishing you the best of luck on it.


How do we continue to unblock and reprogram once we've lost access to the DIs?

This is a great question, and something we've been working on, which we're so stoked. We finally figured out the right process and platform and way. In the next couple of months we're going to make them purchasable and downloadable on the blog, so stay tuned for that.

Curious if you can manifest clarity or pings which would allow you to write specific wants for manifestations after getting the clarity. If I want to create a career, but my passions for what I want to create runs in a different direction or different directions, and I'm uncertain how that could look or feel to truly make a specific list, do I find expanders who want to be doing bits and pieces of what I would like to be doing, or look for expanders who I feel are so focused and have clarity in their lives and absorb those clear vibes from them?

This is a great question. If you haven't done the formula and magnetism workshop, or you haven't done unblocked opulence, you need to do them both immediately because it's gonna give you so much direction on just this.

When it comes to clarity ... I know I've touched on a few aspects of it in this lecture. It's super, super important to just ask the universe for clarity. It's as simple as putting that on your list. "Universe, show me." Again, if you are someone who's not supposed to have that clarity right now because you're supposed to be going through lessons and life experiences and picking up tools, you're just not supposed to have it. But, I encourage you again, like I have in another answer, is to really follow all of the little things that are interesting you, and who has all the time in the day to really pursue all of them, but instead really start to educate yourself on all of them. What's pulling at you the strongest, follow that one more actionably right now.

When it comes to making that list, you need to ... I suggest to people to just put the clues that they know that they do want in their career on it. Even if it's three things that you're sure of, that are travel, that you work in an organic environment ... I don't care what. Those three core things that are clear to you right now, those need to be on your list.

In terms of expanders, when it comes to this clarity, yes, you should be expanding from anybody that models a type of career and lifestyle that you would like, even if it's not exactly what you think you want. There's elements about those people that are expanding you, to show you that's possible.

Another thing I like to tell people who haven't received the clarity, maybe what you're going to be doing hasn't really fully been done before. What I'm doing hasn't. It's a lot of variables of other things that have been done, but not this particular way, avenue, message, in these particular platforms. Just know that that's maybe why this is taking you longer, is you're picking up tools because you're going to be creating something that's a lot more unique, that you can't actually go look at in the world that fully exists yet.

That's where taking variables from expanders is super, super important. You don't necessarily need expanders that are so militant, on the ball, and clear. It's more about finding expanders who have elements of what you're wanting. That's the most important thing.

Clarity's going to come to you. I promise you it will. You're on this journey for a reason. Trust that, but I like to sit in meditation a lot and really, really, really get quiet. I just let the downloads come through. The downloads dictate everything that we do on this blog, as well as all of the amazing ... Now that I work with Wonderful Women, the amazing ideas and creative ideas they come up with.

I follow every ping. That's what leads most of what I do. The way that I receive those are getting very, very, very, very quiet and listening to them.

After doing re-parent and some of the other unblocked, I've realized that a lot of my shadow and issues stem from my memories and current relationship with my father. Trying to please him, abandonment, resentment, judging him for his lifestyle, etc. It's been hard for me to reprogram and move on, because he's still acting the same way. I wonder, what is some advice you could give on how to deal with it? Is it necessary to have a conversation about it with him, though he's not really open to receiving this kind of discussion?

For this, I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend that you dig way, way deeper into learning how to recreate a relationship with him that is only to your advantage. A wonderful 12 step program, if you're looking for a free resource for this, is CODA or Al-Anon, even though your father might not have been a user, but forms of using happen a lot of different ways. With abandonment they happen, dropping the ball, not being trustworthy ... It's all the same issues as an addict would portray with a child. That's a free resource.

If you have the resources, I highly recommend therapy to get support from a therapist who actually has actionable tools and models for you, not just talk therapy. Someone who will actually give you stuff that you can implement and do in your life to make changes. I highly recommend that. There's a book that ... It's about narcissistic parents. I think that this title might be correct. Will I Ever Be Good Enough is the title. That starts to give you some tools.

First and foremost, I highly suggest creating very strong boundaries. You can pick up any book on boundaries, and really, really start to implement them. Your needs come first. Disassociating how much time he gets in your life and basically only reciprocating what he's able to give you. It's very, very, very hard to do, especially if you're still that hurt child inside of you that's needing his approval and his attention, but this is the way to start nurturing that inner child. Really, truly learning boundaries.

This goes for anybody who has a parent who takes and doesn't give. That's narcissism. It's a form of it. I can't encourage that enough. I want to give you licensing to do that, and in order to really move forward and become your more magnetic self, these actions really have to be taken. You need to create the safe space around you where everybody who's surrounding you is only nurturing you and your needs, and reciprocating, giving and receiving.

If you're in a very close dynamic that's continuing to reinforce that, "You're not worth it, I can leave you any time, my needs come before yours," there's no way for you to grow into that magnetism, because you're continuing the neural pathways and continuing the reinforcement that you're not worth what you want.

Your steps are a lot more actionable and physical plane at this point. It's really creating boundaries. It's really healing. It's really working this out with other people who can really take you through that experience. Again, a free resource is the 12 step program. An incredible therapist, and it doesn't have to be in the traditional form, it can be somatic therapy, body work ... There's so many different forms of therapy that aren't just the talk therapy that I feel don't get us too far.

In Closing

I want to give you an actionable task to keep you on track these next two weeks, in order to really get some momentum moving. We've really touched, in this particular lecture, on how every single component to manifestation needs to be an action in balance for this to be working, for the manifestations to come through. Whereas one person can really focus on the reprogramming, but they're dropping the ball in the others, or one's just focused on expanding and not doing the reprogramming, or another's just saying "No" and taking actionable steps and feeling that high of small situational magnetism.

It's key to be doing everything. I really want you to look at two aspects of your life. I want you to sit down right now and journal, and really take inventory of anywhere in your life you feel small. It can be from work to relationships, friendships, to your wardrobe, everything. Just take inventory on that right now.

Then I want you to go through, and I want you to list off four components that you can put into place right now that are actionable, to start shifting those. Actionable ... The true action can look like letting go of something. If it's a job, it's a really big job that you hate and you know that you're manifesting out of it and transitioning out of it, what are four actionable steps you can do today to start stepping into your worth? With a coworker, taking a little bit off your plate and delegating it to someone else, whatever feels actionable.

That's the action component. I want you to come up with four things within the action component. I want you to do this towards anywhere you're feeling small, and the manifestations that you're calling in currently. Actionable, physical steps.

Then second, I want you to look at the reprogramming that needs to happen around them. So, looking at the limiting beliefs you have about why you're not good enough for this manifestation, or why you're small in this circumstance. You need to start uncovering. The tools for that could be in the daily reprogramming exercise, on the formula and magnetism workshop, you can take it through re-parent, you can take it through shadow. Those are your three options, but the reprogramming and discovering and integrating that you can do towards the smallness and towards your manifestation.

The third is, where are you needing expanders for each of those, for your manifestations and where you're feeling small? Really taking accountability and inventory and finding those expanders, calling them in on a list if you want, finding them on TV, out in the world, Google ... There's a lot of expander articles on the blog.

Last but not least, where the tests are that you need to be passing currently that are right now in your life. Again, if it's a huge job you want to leave, you can't jump off that cliff right now until you cover step one of having the cushion and that bridge in order to do it. Is it a test that needs to be passed within your current work right now, saying "No" to something finally, turning down something that doesn't feel right, whatever? Look right now, what tests need to be passed within your current manifestations that are currently in your life, or where you're feeling small.

Those are your actionable steps these next two weeks, to start actually creating some momentum and starting to get the feel that everything needs to be at play in order to manifest what you're calling in in your manifestations, and where you're feeling small, to put all of those in. Four actionable steps, also where you need to pass tests, expanders that you're needing for each of them, really going through and doing this work.

I wish you luck, and we'll see you in the next video.

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