Your Pressing Manifestation Qs Answered, Twice A Month


A subscription-based manifestation class with Lacy twice a month that supports the grey area (for less than a pack of gum). Because the support doesn’t stop at the workshops, and no manifestation Q is a silly one. I meet you right where you’re at.



Supported is an hour-long video - every two weeks - where I introduce any new manifestation thoughts or work I’m currently channeling. I spend an hour answering the community’s intricate Qs in-depth, and then close with one practice or exercise to deepen your manifestation practice with actionable steps for the next two weeks.



You can access the work on any device as long as you have wifi. We’ve made it as convenient as possible by creating options – a video of each lecture, an audio version with me audibly reading the Qs for those of you on the go, and we’ve transcribed each so that you can take notes. You also instantly gain access to all prior episodes along with a glossary of the previous asked Qs (with the timestamp of each video where you can find the answers). Many either watch the video or you can binge the audio tracks like a podcast.



Anytime we notice a trend in the Q’s, we bring in my favorite experts, educators, and healers to teach you how you can integrate their process directly into THE FORMULA. Prior episodes to look forward to are Human Design x Manifestation integration based on your type with Jenna Zoe, Body Image and Weight Loss x Manifestation with Dana James, Manifesting Your Baby/Family with Erica Chidi Cohen, and using your Astrological Chart x Manifestation Integration with Danielle Beinstein.



Once you join, send us an email about what's coming up for you and how you're stuck. Ask your questions and stay tuned for the collective answers in the videos to come. It's time to take the support deeper for those that don’t have one-on-one access to me. I truly couldn’t think of a better way to keep you on track and accountable, while nourishing deeper unblocking and providing clarity. The biggest gift you’ll discover is how everyone else’s Qs help you learn at a much quicker pace.


Sample A Full Class of Supported

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“I’m really excited for what’s to come. The first episode was so good. I am so grateful for your contribution to the world.”
“Listened today and sooooo many of my questions were answered!! THANK YOU LACY! ✨💘”
“Lacy, you are such a great eye opener for me. Thank you for all the work you do. You deserve only the best. 🙏🏼”
“I have to say this is incredible - this video and SUPPORTED in general! I am finding all the holes in my practice filled as I realize what aspects I’ve been lacking."
“I just need you to know the 12 step question you answered in supported was so, so helpful to me and something i felt really alone in."
“Love, love and love a million times across the universe <3 Thank you endlessly, beautiful human, for breaking it down and making things more digestible!"

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Q: What if my specific question isn't answered?

A: We will do our best to answer all the questions each month, but it's not guaranteed that your specific question will be answered. We will craft the answers in a way that will nourish the collective needs universally.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: Yes, your subscription is free to end at any time you no longer need support. However, please note that refunds for the previous time used are not allowed.

Q: When's the deadline to submit questions?

A: Deadlines will be announced ahead of time, precisely a month before the videos are released.

Q: Can I download the content?

A: No, please be sure to have wifi/streaming services available to watch the videos, listen to the audio files, and/or read the transcripts of the questions.

Q: What do I need to join?

A: Not a thing. Just a desire to learn more about manifestation and hone in on your process. It’s as if you had access to two group workshops a month with Lacy; however, this format allows you to live anywhere and enjoy the learning and support from the comfort of your home and pjs.

Q: Do I need to be signed up for a TOOL to be in this group?

A: Not at all. It’s actually a great place to start absorbing the concepts and information. However, you’ll probably find yourself gravitating toward joining the UNBLOCKED workshops as a means to take that information deeper by doing the actual work.


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Supported is genius. I truly feel supported, and I think that mostly stems from the question component of the membership, which I just started taking advantage of. I feel this element alone is worth way more than $4 a month. I look forward to the biweekly video audio transcript releases and find myself going back to older ones when questions and realizations surface as I uncover unblock and understand more what this is all about. As a newbie at manifestation, I feel so serendipitous to have stumbled on Lacy’s philosophy - the whole idea really calls to me- as someone who has carried loads of childhood memories with me along the way- this process is allowing me to connect the neural dots and develop trust in my own intuition, and rediscover my authentic self and unique gifts that have always been here underneath it all. The closing exercises are great too! I am currently on day 3 of the working through our fears journaling exercise Lacy suggests in volume 6, and from this simple practice alone have already begun to shift my thinking around certain fears. Oh and the Facebook group is a well of support and knowledge, I treat it like a little treasure chest to open up when I’m feeling inspired to connect, or as a comfort/means of support when I am stuck on an issue- such a supportive community. People are connecting through their cities and regions on there too, some are already hosting meet ups and I think that’s just THE BEES KNEES! I am officially a free and native supporter, tribe member, and superfan 🙆🏻‍♀️ amen sisters thank you dearly for creating this community. Love, Deven 🌬✨💓
— Unblocker Reparent & Supported

No joke, I literally just left my acupuncturist’s office where I recommended she join SUPPORTED. I’ve been raving about the UNBLOCKED workshops for the past year since I first dove into SHADOW, and now find the subscription service so accessible and deeply, soulfully valuable. The price alone makes it a no-brainer investment. I feel tremendously *supported* thanks to the consistency, frequency, and breadth of information. The love and meaningful intentions that you and your team put into the work is tangible. Thank you!
— Unblocker Reparent, Shadow, Opulence & Supported

Supported is the best mind/business/life support I could have imagined. I feel like I am finally understanding how my life and manifestation work and it’s so fun to learn. I’m currently doing REPARENT and Opulence and already had great shifts with my relationship with my mother and communicated through some things I perceived as a little girl that were blocking abundance, and after Opulence I went straight to work to open up more portals, seriously where have you been my whole life, this is so good. I’m hooked for life :) Oh and my relationship with my husband has improved in less than a week, so I know my internal projections are creating so much in my life.
— Unblocker Reparent, Opulence & Supported

I love Supported because it exposes me to questions I didn’t even know I had and adds layers of nuance to things that I already understand. Lacy’s Unblocked workshops have already helped me manifest so many incredible changes in my life, and I feel like the extra info gleaned from Supported is only accelerating my growth! There are so many little golden pieces of knowledge woven into these videos - they are a genuine value add to anyone already enrolled in a workshop and a great place to dip a toe in for those on the fence.
— Unblocker Reparent, Shadow, Partnership, Opulence, NO, F&M & Supported

I consider it an absolute blessing that Lacy and the F&N team are taking the time to sit down and share this abundance of clarity on both the foundational and emerging insights in the field of energetics and co-creation. As it is near impossible to get a session with you, Lacy, Supported and all the of the other content and workshops has helped answer the zillion questions that are constantly arising on my unblocking journey so that I can continue on with the work on a deeper and deeper level. Please keep doing what you are doing and putting this vital work out there so that more and more people can find you and start to understand the principles of energetics and the intricate dance we are all doing with the Universe. Understanding that we are co-creating our lives and how this all works is is long-term solution to ALL of the issues of our planet. With love, Emily
— Unblocker Reparent, Shadow, Opulence & Supported

This work of manifestation felt so lonely at times until I joined Supported. Now, I feel like I have a whole community around me to encourage my growth and journey alongside me. I also love having access to fresh tools and advice from Lacey and ther experts twice a month in addition to the great resources in the Unblocked series and the blog. It’s so affordable that I can’t imagine not subscribing. It has been a game-changer for my Manifestation process.
— Unblocker Reparent & Supported

Supported is another amazing offering from the F+N team! It’s my favorite way to spend my “me” time and it’s allowed me to understand the processes and energetics of manifestation more deeply. My own practice has been transformed since signing up and I can’t wait to see what more delicious goodies I can create with the universe!
— Unblocker Opulence & Supported

Supported answers the questions I didn’t even know I had. No matter the question, Lacy always shares some new nugget of information that feels like a revelation. I am always eager to watch it first thing on its release day and have found myself getting “pings” to relate back to videos and questions after the fact. Keep them coming!
— Unblocker Reparent, shadow, partnership, opulence, NO, F&M & Supported

F+N’s Supported Membership has provided me with a community of encouragement and guidance for what could be a very lonely path of manifestation. I no longer feel like I’m doing this alone. The biweekly content through the videos presents me with fresh tools and insights that keep me inspired and encouraged on my manifestation journey. The Facebook community has provided invaluable support from others who “get it” and who often serve as Expanders in the ares I need to grow and “see to believe.” It’s also incredibly affordable, which makes it accessible to anyone.
— Unblocker Reparent & Supported

I am so excited to tune into the Supported video each fortnight, I feel like Lacy is just having a chat with me in my living room but a very real, deep no BS chat. My life has changed significantly (for the better) doing this work and tuning in to Supported makes is a great reminder or marker for the process. It helps me to not feel alone or abandoned at the pivotal points of my journey. Thank-you
— unblocker reparent, opulence, no & supported

Supported has broadened my understanding with new concepts like Human Design and introduced me to authors like Dana James who’s diet plan I am about to begin after reading her book. Because your work Lacy resonates so deeply with me your recommendations and guidance have been super helpful. Loving the Q&A. Haven’t submitted my own questions yet as everything I’ve wondered about seams to be covered anyway. Love your work and the wonderful community you have created. Thank you 🙏🏼
— unblocker reparent, shadow, opulence, partnership, f&m & supported

I have loved learning from the more in-depth explanations and explorations offered through Supported. I can say that this wonderful material is not only ideal for younger people who are finding their passion through becoming their magnetic authentic self, but also for someone like myself who is in her 40’s and a mother and wife. The additional material offered through the interviews of healers is also so inspiring!!! Thank you Lacy and Team for everything that you are doing!!!
— unblocker reparent, shadow, dre & supported

I devour the new Supported content that airs every two weeks. The recurrent new information keeps me more attached to my inner work and challenges me to dig deeper and grow as a person from within. The Q&A episodes deepen my understanding of The Tools and the Manifesting process, while the guest interviews add a lot of guidance to live a truly authentic life. Truly life-changing!
— unblocker reparent, shadow, opulence, dre & supported

Supported has given me the ability to dig in deeper and gain more clarity for my Unblocked courses. The best thing is I can go back again and again to questions that rise up later or even able to quickly go through a written text - I’ve learnt although the video is Te most useful I can really take in information from the transcription when in need of concise answers to speed read. I really do feel supported and the Facebook group alone has made me feel more comfortable with being myself, knowing that everyone else is in the same path of rediscovering their authenticity.
— unblocker reparent, shadow, opulence, dre & supported

Inspiration is truly rocket fuel to a high vibrational life. Lacy has created a sanctuary of both high vibration and inspiration within her Supported community. There is no where else on the web that combines clear, concise steps along side interviews of people who are game changers, to help you tap into your own well of greatness, in the way Lacy’s Supported community does!
— unblocker reparent & supported

Having the choice to watch, listen or read the content is a total dream! It’s a generous offering to be able to consume the information in different formats. I love being able to tune in to the audio when I’m at work to light up my brain fire while I’m tinkering away on a tedious task. The conversations Lacy has with her special guests and how she responds to questions truly breathes energy into my soul and my heart is like...woah! I am enjoying Supported much more than I thought. I’d also like to point out the affordability of the membership, not often do you find valuable monthly membership content like this for less than a Netflix fee.
— unblocker reparent & supported

I genuinely feel as though Supported helps me to feel more connected on a daily basis which makes me feel much more energetic in all facets this work. For me personally it has been much more accessible than the courses. I can listen to in it the car, while working, etc rather than having to dedicate specific allotments of time. (I know, I know, I’m working on dedicating more time to the DI’s and courses!!) Hearing others questions gives me insight to their journey and perspective which is also expanding to me. The accessibility to Supported and having these conversations make all of the concepts much more tangible and implementable. I frequently find myself going back to the transcript after the fact when I go through something or realize something that connects back to what I heard but didn’t truly absorb in that moment. Immensely appreciative!!
— unblocker opulence & supported

I think Supported has given me often answers to questions that I didnt even realise I had, it also reassures me in my way to authenticity because I can see that I am not the only one with struggles and doubts and fears. Lacy has also introduced me through Supported to so many other things that I was not aware of, like human design and the archetype diet which have complemented Lacy’s teachings and have helped me “move faster” and clicking with my inner self in more than one way.
— unblocker reparent & supported

I love Supported because it exposes me to questions I didn’t even know I had and adds layers of nuance to things that I already understand. Lacy’s Unblocked workshops have already helped me manifest so many incredible changes in my life, and I feel like the extra info gleaned from Supported is only accelerating my growth! There are so many little golden pieces of knowledge woven into these videos - they are a genuine value add to anyone already enrolled in a workshop and a great place to dip a toe in for those on the fence.
— unblocker reparent, shadow, opulence, no, partnership, f&m & supported

I really love supported - sometimes Lacy’s presence in the videos alone makes me feel comforted, like she’s on my side and has got my back :) Lately, I’ve been using the index of questions to go back to the questions in the supported archive that I’m struggling with most - I realized that listening once usually isn’t enough to drive things home - so I’m honing in on my big questions and going back and listening again to really allow things to sink in deeply. This has been SUPER helpful for me. Also - sometimes questions that don’t seem relevant to me end up having takeaways that I can actually use which is super cool!!
— unblocker reparent, shadow, opulence, f&m & supported

Being a part of Supported has helped me dig back into this process. I’ve gone through a lot of in the last few months, quitting my job, selling my car, being between places to live a bit longer than was comfortable. I’m so glad Supported came out because it’s showed me that I’m always in this process and I have the power to control my outcome. The specific answers Lacy gives are really helpful. I’m excited for more!
— unblocker reparent, f&m & supported

Supported has given me a spiritual roadmap dripping with practicality. It contains highly relatable content that is so eloquently expressed. I also love how I am never left ‘hanging’ after a question gets answered; Lacy always backs it up with often very personal examples and real world situations that make it applicable to anyone from any walk of life. This is perhaps the most important component of the Supported Membership for me, especially as I am a stay at home mother learning to be more magnetic and show up more fully not just for myself but for my children as well. I also appreciate the variety of learning styles that are catered for; makes learning that much more, dare I say, magnetic! Thank you SO much! Xx
— Unblocker Reparent, Opulence, Supported

Last year I made a commitment that I would continue on my path of wholeness, and that entailed lots of therapy... I had gone a year and a half and felt like I was actually getting more anxious and “stuck.” I was doing eft, reading books, attending talk therapy every other week on top of anything else I could find that gave light to shadow and programming. While I understood the concepts they weren’t attractive, nor did it feel practical for me to frantically take notes on the 100 books I just “had to read” when all I really wanted was peace. Each one offered a sliver of wisdom, but it wasn’t enough... Then I found Free & Native and oh my gosh! Someone had done the work for me to be able to access all of these tools in one place. It was a modern take on literally all the points my therapist was trying to address. I had gone through the worst disappointment when my long distance relationship didn’t work out and I moved back in with my parents, and this has been the first time I’ve had any kind of steady spiritual practice since then. Free & Native has taken all of the guesswork out of not only manifesting, but getting into your soul and calling you out on what’s inside. This is a new kind of self help, and I feel honored to have found expanders like Lacy and her team who believe in doing the work and having fun.
— unblocker Reparent, NO & Supported

It is so wonderful to have the Q&A Supported videos to further guide me on some of the challenges and questions that I uncover in my manifestation practice. I’ve also benefited from questions from others that may not have even surfaced for me, yet in hearing feedback on these, I am further enlightened and find things that also resonate with my own journey. I also adore the Supported interviews and being exposed to topics I’m yearning learn about or to know more about more in depth. It is beautiful to hear directly from these experts and peek inside the minds and practices of these incredibly inspiring individuals. I love the connection to resources and information to further explore and enrich not only my manifestation practice, but also my lifestyle. I value both of these elements of Supported immensely and eagerly anticipate the content as it gets released and can’t wait to see what is next to come!
— Unblocker Reparent, Shadow, F&M & Supported

I truly feel ‘supported’ with the Supported Membership. When I first signed up, I was a bit skeptical because of the monthly price - what if the content sucks? And it turned out to be the complete opposite!! Besides having an amazing FB community, the entire platform has loads of useful content!! I was so amazed at how organized and in-depth the material is. I’ve been in other membership programs before and they were kind of a mess, which is a turn-off for me. Supported isn’t like that all! And while I love and prefer the video format, I’m also grateful that they’ve been transcribed for those days I prefer to read ;) I have only joined recently and I’ve already some shifts happening after going through the material (and continuing to do so).
— Unblocker Opulence & Supported

Lacy was brought to me during a particularly rough transitional time where I was feeling my most small and lost. I started with Reparent, then Daily Reprogramming and Opulence. I wasn’t sure if I needed to invest in Supported bc I thought I could find my answers through the Facebook community. But as I was digging into Human Design and wanting to learn more about that, I was drawn to Supported. I love the content and knowing that the answers I’m finding are what Lacy stands behind and not potentially someone else’s interpretation. I truly feel supported by this group and it was absolutely the right decision for me! Plus it’s only $3.99 so I feel like you get way beyond what you’re paying for. I can skip a coffee here and there. Thank you, Lacy!!
— Unblocker Opulence & Supported

The supported membership is one of the best monthly purchases that I make. I gain so much incredible insight through this membership that I know I would be lost without it. I truly do feel ‘supported’ through this process as much as I can without actual in person communication. It’s also so affordable and approachable which is a huge bonus! A lot of similar modalities can be expensive and to know that so much growth is occurring without the sacrifice of a lot of money is welcomed and such a relief!
— Unblocker Opulence, DRE & Supported

I’m loving the Supported Membership. I’ve been thinking lately of that quote “when the student is ready, the teacher appears” and that certainly applies here. I’ve felt that every topic I’ve seen so far has been something just before I’ve thought, maybe I should look at that. And then it appears! It’s an amazing amount of knowledge for the cost and I look forward to seeing the new discussions each month.
— Unblocker Opulence & Supported

Supported is the missing piece, for me. It really fills in the gaps as far as any questions I have and especially questions I didn’t know to ask. Every release I have more clarity and am able to move a little further along the process of unblocking and getting into my worth. I’m a person who dives in and wants to learn every single thing about something that lights me up and between Supported and the blog as supplements to the courses, I feel like I have access to all of the information I need.
— Unblocker Reparent, Shadow, Opulence, F&M & Supported

I am LOVING the Supported Videos from Free & Native. Although my budget is very small right now and I can’t quite swing the cost of The Formula or a One-on-One with Lacy, I can definitely invest $3.99 on myself every month! With the Supported Membership I still feel as if I am being guided along my manifestation path with grace and ease because of Lacy’s authentic & genuine online presence. Every video is overflowing with “ah ha” moments and actionable steps. Lacy Phillips truly believes in #nomanifestorleftbehind!
— Unblocker Reparent, opulence, DRE & Supported

I love it all!!! Truly this work has changed my life. I am absorbing the information like a sponge, doing the work daily and seeing the world with different eyes, and what is happening is blowing my mind. The manifestation of physical objects is one thing but it’s the understanding I now have of myself and the continual discovery that I really cherish. I have done a lot of work in the past but nothing compares with this. It hasn’t been easy and the shadowiest shadows have emerged but at 49 years old (two months from turning 50) I feel like all of me is ready to come together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— unblocker reparent, shadow, opulence, no, f&m & supported

I am so grateful for this work in Supported! It’s as if all of the pieces are being tied together to deepen my understanding of manifestation. Even if the questions don’t necessarily pertain to my specific journey, I am finding such value in every discussion. I rewatch the videos over and over because I feel like there is so much depth and so many details to process. I am so grateful for Lacy and her incredible guests; they are truly experts in their fields.
— unblocker reparent, opulence & supported

I find Lacy’s voice incredibly soothing and it is very comforting to know that other people are facing similar challenges in their own life. I don’t feel alone in my struggles because the questions make it clear that we are all going through something. I love how much Lacy is willing to give to support people on their journey and as some who listens to podcast all day longs, I find the video and audio options perfect! I love being able to take it all in while I go for a beautiful walk, am driving or snuggling up in bed. My favorite time to listen is in the morning, all cosy in bed on a cold morning. I sip my herbal tea, take notes and start my day feeling really inspired.
— unblocker opulence & supported

It is so wonderful to have the Q&A Supported videos to further guide me on some of the challenges and questions that I uncover in my manifestation practice. I’ve also benefitted from questions from others that may not have even surfaced for me, yet in hearing feedback on these, I am further enlightened and find things that also resonate with my own journey. I also adore the Supported interviews and being exposed to topics I’m yearning learn about or to know more about more in depth. It is beautiful to hear directly from these experts and peek inside the minds and practices of these incredibly inspiring individuals. I love the connection to resources and information to further explore and enrich not only my manifestation practice, but also my lifestyle. I value both of these elements of Supported immensely and eagerly anticipate the content as it gets released and can’t wait to see what is next to come!
— unblocker reparent, shadow, no, F&M & supported

It is definitely giving me a lot of clarity regarding manifestation and how to interpret it to my own situation. I really like the interviews and bringing in new perspectives to help us in the journey. I love hearing Lacy speak about this subject and I feel I bring in more clarity and build my trust muscle every time I can take some time to go into Supported, or do any of the other programs. It was definitely a great idea at a great price!
— unblocker reparent, opulence & supported

I’m loving Supported, and feel it’s a great complement to the other Unblocking workshops. Together with the Facebook community, it provides me with a constant reminder as to why I am on this journey and brings me back on the right track, when it sometimes becomes too much. The regular confirmation that the journey is not always easy and straightforward, and that how I’m feeling is ok and it’s all part of the process. Seeing the questions of others, and hearing Lacy’s answers is really helpful and uplifting, even when it does not apply directly to what I am working on. I am in the process of discovering and working through a considerable number of blocks keeping me from bringing in love to my life, and really appreciate the support I am getting. I feel I’m not alone and that’s everything.
— unblocker reparent, shadow, partnership, DRE & supported

I am enjoying the Supported Membership immensely because I am learning so much number one and two it has been a game changer in addition to the workshops for support. It has given me more expansion to look into things mentioned I may have not fully been aware of consciously or have been brought up and are aware. The supported community has helped me find common threads across workshops, listening to podcasts Lacy has appeared on, reading the blog posts, instastories and guests being shared here on the Supported community. Every time I am growing, learning and expanding even more into the authentic whole being that I am alongside everything is opening my eyes. It has connected everything together and or provided more clarity. Every time I am learning something new in the Free & Native community throughout the different options provided.
— unblocker reparent, shadow & supported

Supported is so valuable. Without personally meeting with Lacy in a session, supported has been a wonderful way to help me understand her principles more fully. Before supported I consumed every one of Lacy’s podcast appearances because I found her examples so useful and applicable to me. Now I get the same thing every two weeks. It’s reassuring in a way to see how universal so many of my struggles are. I get so much out of Lacy answers to others’ questions. I’m so happy to have had one of my questions answered and it has led to even more focused Shadow work. The closing exercises offered at the end of every supported helps me push myself to bring the work into the world and be more brave. (I’m one of those introverted manifesters) Thank you. Thank you!!!
— unblocker shadow, opulence, F&M & supported

Supported has been incredibly beneficial to my manifestation journey. The questions people ask are often things I didn’t know how to articulate myself, and the answers are at once simple and remarkably illuminating. I learn more about myself and feel less alone through Supported.
— unblocker reparent, shadow & supported

I’m enjoying it! I always look forward to it! I like that the steps at the end are very actionable and practical. I am SO looking forward to the next Supported with Danielle Beinstein (fellow Virgo). Many of the questions I’ve had (though not personally submitted) have been answered, which is great. It’s a great complement to the work and adds some additional clarity that I would not otherwise be privy to. Based on the Supported Membership content (and the support from the Secret Society), I am making the move to Nashville (a move my soul has been wanting for awhile but didn’t have the courage or “fuck-it”-ness) — until now. :-)
— unblocker reparent, shadow, opulence, no, f&m & supported

I am so glad I have the Supported Membership. I feel that Supported goes way beyond simply answering questions, it is a constant reminder of my journey to self discovery. I look forward to the materials as the videos are very meditative. I feel connected to the growth of reaching higher consciousness when watching. Supported is a program in itself, keeping me aligned with my purpose. Thank you Lacy for everything you do!
— unblocker no & supported

Hi Lacy! Wanted to thank you! Learning and reprogramming my subconscious has healed me inside and out. Healing my need to be seen has actually helped my cash flow in a beautiful way. I’m a barista and now I make sure all of my customers feel like they’re being seen. I take my time taking their orders and making sure each latte is beautiful- I treat them like ROYALTY! How I’d want to be treated- now I notice more people engage with me, compliment me and of course TIP ME VERY VERY WELL NOW <3
— Unblocker supported