A subscription-based members club that supports the grey area.

Enjoy your first 2 weeks free.

Supported is as if a manifestation filmed group lecture/workshop and a podcast had a baby - twice every month - an hour each! Your most pressing questions dictate the content.

I created this offering for the 24 year old in me who was broke and didn't have the resources for two private sessions a month but desperately needed guidance, answers, and my hand-held. 

You can log in anytime to access any prior SUPPORTED videos, audio & transcribed answers. It's like having a school syllabus and lectures archive right at your fingertips. 

We want you to receive the Manifestation Support you need in order to bring your intentions into existence. Once you joinTell us what's coming up for you, how you're stuck, ask your questions, and stay tuned for the collective answers in the videos to come. It's time to take the support deeper for those that don’t have one-on-one access to me. We're creating a safe community that will nourish deeper unblocking, provide clarity, and offer exclusive exercises and tools.

In each hour-long lecture, you can expect deeper insight on new material that Lacy is workshopping, answers to the community's most pressing collective questions, and one tip, tool, or practice to utilize throughout the next two weeks until the second video of the month is released. 



Q: What if my specific question isn't answered?

A: We will do our best to answer all the questions each month, but it's not guaranteed that your specific question will be answered. We will craft the answers in a way that will nourish the collective needs universally.

Q: Can I cancel at any time?

A: Yes, your subscription is free to end at any time you no longer need support. However, please note that refunds for the previous time used are not allowed.

Q: When's the deadline to submit questions?

A: Deadlines will be announced ahead of time, precisely a month before the videos are released.

Q: Can I download the content?

A: No, please be sure to have wifi/streaming services available to watch the videos, listen to the audio files, and/or read the transcripts of the questions.

Q: What do I need to join?

A: Not a thing. Just a desire to learn more about manifestation and hone in on your process. It’s as if you had access to two group workshops a month with Lacy; however, this format allows you to live anywhere and enjoy the learning and support from the comfort of your home and pjs.

Q: Do I need to be signed up for a TOOL to be in this group?

A: Not at all. It’s actually a great place to start absorbing the concepts and information. However, you’ll probably find yourself gravitating toward joining the UNBLOCKED workshops as a means to take that information deeper by doing the actual work.

I’m really excited for what’s to come. The first episode was so good. I am so grateful for your contribution to the world.

Listened today and sooooo many of my questions were answered!! THANK YOU LACY! ✨💘

I found so much meaningful and valuable information!

Lacy, you are such a great eye opener for me. Thank you for all the work you do. You deserve only the best. 🙏🏼

Love, love and love a million times across the universe <3 Thank you endlessly, beautiful human, for breaking it down and making things more digestible! I am a totally different person than I was before new years! I think I am soon moving to LA. My fear of showing up and to exploreother parts of the world is transformed into excitement for life and all that is to come! I wanted you to know!

Thank you so much for making me feel heard and seen. I already feel like I’m stepping more and more into my worth

I just need you to know the 12 step question you answered in supported was so, so helpful to me and something i felt really alone in so I hadn’t even wanted to bring it up in the Facebook group. So thank you for offering the free trial because answering that question changed my outlook (and my mood about the 12 step meeting I attended later in the day) !!