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THE FORMULA by Lacy Phillips™ and UNBLOCKED™ are a combination of neuroscience, patterning, and psychology, with a little spirituality, sprinkled on top. It's a process that expands limited subconscious beliefs and unlocks the pathway to your intent.



Love & Money

If you are looking to call in money or career, we highly suggest Opulence.

If you are currently calling in your partner or you're looking to shift out of your current relationship, try Partnership

Or, you can start with any workshop that is intuitively speaking to you– you can check them all out on the Tools page.


Start Here

We suggest starting with The Formula & Magnetism Workshop to learn the actual process of manifestation through Lacy's formula. Or if you're here simply to pump up your magnetism, you can pop right into The Four Elements of Magnetism to understand what element(s) strengthening. 

The two most important UNBLOCKings that every manifestor needs to work through in order to pump up  their magnetism are Reparent & Shadow. And the most important daily exercise that Lacy and all of her clients practice is the Daily Reprogramming Exercise. You can absolutely do two at a time, we simply suggest that you do the work of one in the morning and the other in the evening. 

You absolutely don't need clarity to begin this work. If you're not sure what you want to call in or manifest, pop here to activate your clarity muscle.


Get Support

Looking for more manifestation support and to get your Qs answered? Supported is our subscription-based manifestation class with Lacy twice a month that supports the grey area. Your most pressing questions dictate the content. Lacy created this offering so that you can have what feels like a private session twice a month, without the waitlist and expense. 

Be sure to tune into the blog every Monday as Lacy releases a new Manifestation article and teachings. Join the FB Secret Society to connect with the like-minded community you've been trying to Manifest.  

If you haven't done so, we recommend listening to the various podcasts that Lacy has been on. You'll learn even more information that you won't find on the blog! 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I do 2 workshops at a time?

A: You can absolutely do two at a time. We suggest doing the work of one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Q: I'm trying to use the Alexi code and it isn't working!

A: It's expired

Q: Is Unblocked a digital offering? Or do I need to be there person?

A: Yep, everything on THE TOOLS page is remote and can be accessed from your device of choice (iPad, Computer, cell).

Q: Can I make payments towards offerings on the Tools Page?

A: Sadly, our platform doesn’t allow installed payments. We suggest purchasing when you feel the abundance and feel called to a workshop.

Q: Should I do Reparent if I'm around/living with my parents?

A: Absolutely, you’ll get a lot out of it when you’re in your triggering environments!

Q: Can Lacy answer my personal manifestation questions if I comment in the workshops?

A: Lacy is only able to look into your personal circumstances and questions in a private session.

Q: If I'm not clear on what I'm manifesting should I still sign up?

A: Absolutely, the more you unblock, the more clear you’ll become as you’ll be stepping deeper into your authentic self. For a little slice of clarity click here.


Q: Do I need wifi for the workshops or can I download them?


A: You need wi-fi. The workshops are not downloadable at this time.

Q: What is a test? How can I tell if I'm recieving them and passing them?

A: You’ll learn all about this in The Formula & Magnetism Workshop.

Q: If I can't remember childhood memories should I still do Unblocked Reparent?

A: When we are sensitive children our survival mechanism is to leave our bodies or blackout when we feel shame. It’s natural for us to block memories; however, doing Reparent will re-activate these memories by allowing them to surface in your daily life. It’s like waking them up. You should absolutely still do it.

Q: What do I do if I'm falling asleep during the D.I.s?

A: I suggest sitting up in a chair when doing them if you’re prone to falling asleep.

Q: What if nothing is coming up for me during the D.I.s and my mind is always wandering?

A: You will have a more powerful and clear experience if you do them when your nervous system is quite relaxed. After an Epsom salt back, a meditation, a nap, or a massage. When you’re not as stimulated and in your head.

Q: Can I manifest a better relationship with my husband?

A: You can't manifest for others. You can work on your self-worth through UNBLOCKED workshops which will help you show up in the relationship differently and receive different results. I also recommend the book Getting The Love You Want

Q: Any advice on healing myself after Reprogram DI? How do I let go of an ingrained belief habit.

A: We suggest doing the deep diving and unblocking in Reparent and Shadow