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Love, Alexi: How I Prepared to Use Tinder (Ravishly)

I took out my phone, and with all my newfound self-worth and intentions inside me… I fucking did it! I downloaded the app and started surfing those wild Tinder waves like nobody's business! 


IGNTD Podcast

Manifestation is a concept we’ve been hearing about for years but it’s not as black and white as positive thinking and daily mantras. Lacy Phillips is our guest this week and she teaches us that we need show up and do the work associated with self actualization. We has such an interesting conversation that we decided to break into 2 shows. Please enjoy Part 1!


That's So Retrograde

No passive visualizations here - manifesting with intention through healing subconscious blocks, along with Lacy’s practical tools to do so, are discussed. Also, Stephanie and Elizabeth re-cap a recent manifestation turned reality, their live show at Wanderlust Hollywood.

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Let It Out Podcast

Lacy Phillips of Free & Native on situational magnetism, subconscious beliefs, body image, style, authenticity + much more.

luke storey logo

Luke Storey: The Lifestylist Podcast

Manifesting the Metaphysical with Lacy Phillips


The Fullest Mag: Matcha Mornings Podcast

In this episode, Nikki sits down with professional manifestor, Lacy Phillips. She joins us for a manifestation session and a morning matcha to help us create our lives by design — not by default.


Love Alexi Podcast

"This week, Alexi talks to Lacy Phillips, founder of Free & Native. Lacy is a manifestation advisor. She’s actually created a SCIENCE to manifestation. Check out all of her incredible online workshops at 

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The Balanced Blonde Podcast

Jordan chats with the highly-recommended and incredible Lacy Phillips, a manifestation advisor, herbalist, and Founder of the aesthetically beautiful and soulfully awakening Free + Native. So many of you said that Lacy needed to come on the podcast, and you were right!! It was love at first sight! This episode is full of high-vibe inspiration and a heavy dose of manifestation.

almost 30 podcast

Almost 30 Podcast

Real talk on health, wellness, spirituality, entrepenourship, sexuality, humor, + so much more.

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Sakara Life: The S Life Magazine

Lacy Phillips, Of Free + Native, Teaches Us How To Make Anything Happen


Well + Good

Could a manifestation coach help turn your dream life into reality?