Lacy Phillips • @freeandnative

Founder • Manifestation Advisor

Aquarius Sun / Capricorn Moon/ Leo Rising

You guys know me by now. So stoked to be surrounded by such a cool team! 


Lila Seeley • @lilaabell

Assistant Editor

Capricorn Sun / Aquarius Moon / Sagittarius Rising

A Manifester Generator with a passion for writing, travel, pictures and anything doused in cinnamon.


Amanda Chase • @meamandac

Creative Consultant

Sagittarius sun / Aquarius moon / Cancer Rising

Presence is my greatest creativity hack. 


Becky Winter • @winterinaz

Assistant / Community Manager

Gemini Sun / Virgo Moon / Aries Rising

Arizona desert dweller obsessed with health + nutrition, podcasts, travels & all the cosmic things.


Grace Abbott • @agraceabbott

Graphic Designer

Aries Sun / Virgo Moon / Gemini Rising

East coast-dweller, recreational dancer, trying to go zero-waste, clean beauty enthusiast, manifesting my best life!


Zoë Brown • @zoembrownn

Editorial Intern

Libra Sun / Aries Moon / Capricorn Rising

California native and college student in NH, inspired by nature, music, beauty, and people!