Lacy Phillips • @freeandnative

Founder • Manifestation Advisor

Aquarius Sun / Capricorn Moon/ Leo Rising

You guys know me by now. So stoked to be surrounded by such a cool team! 


Lila Seeley • @lilaabell


Capricorn Sun / Aquarius Moon / Sagittarius Rising

A Manifester Generator with a passion for writing, travel, pictures and anything doused in cinnamon.


Becky Winter • @winterinaz

Project Manager

Gemini Sun / Virgo Moon / Aries Rising

Arizona desert dweller obsessed with travel, nutrition, the ocean & all the cosmic things.

Kate Hinkens • @katehinkens 

Social Media + Blog Coordinator

Virgo Sun / Sagittarius Moon / Gemini Rising

Minnesotan in LA. Endlessly enthusiastic about plants, neuroscience, and holistic medicine.

Jenn Grimm • @jennifer__grimm

Graphic Designer

Libra Sun / Sagittarius Moon / Scorpio Rising

Manifesting Generator making time for the small things. Living among mountains in Utah.

Caitlin Smith • @caitlincuriosity

Administrative Intern

Cancer Sun / Scorpio Moon / Capricorn Rising

Desert native and Generator in Arizona with a love for plant healing, movement, and holistic wellness.

Keah Soderquist • @keahsimone

Creative Services Intern

Virgo Sun / Scorpio Moon / Cancer Rising

Creative soul dwelling up north. Lover of art, wellness and nature's magic.