NATIVE week | Brooklyn

Lacy Phillips

Everyone is telling me that I HAVE to check out The Class

If you do nothing else in NYC, take my word for this one and, go visit Dr. Cow. Their raw vegan cheeses are an art form, and their raw vegan treats are other worldly. 

The wicked florist I used for my Brooklyn Workshop. They even had an AMAZING selection of dried flowers to add into the arrangements as well as some excellent crystals. 

I've also been using this tool on myself all week.

My favorite perfectly curated hippie, chic market of all markets in NYC. 

Interesting read

Visited this healer yesterday. WOW, WOW, WOW! More to come.

For a fancy dinner

My favorite chill (and insanely tasty) dinner

The smoothie spot I jog to every morning. 

Max gifted me this wallet in burgundy (for year of the monkey), and the cutest slim belt. Obsessed with this talented leather genius out of Brooklyn. 

Can't believe that I still haven't made it to the Russian Baths. It's a MUST in September.

Just making sure we've all seen this recipe. I mean... yay!

I've been living in these, this, and this dress, and a pair of vintage white jeans I got on thrift and cut into shorts (with, of course, these). 

And I've officially changed my scent to this one. I've also been using it to do laundry by hand between sending out the laundry. Feeling very Italian about it already. 

Next stop, Italy. I've sort of fall off the earth in way of Instagram, because Snapchat has taken over my existence. Follow there if you'd like to travel in Italy with me. 

Photo | Juliette Favat

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