Surprise NYE Escape

Max has planned a whole NYE surprise escape for us. I've tried to pry it out of him but that's been a complete failure, so I simply get to sit back and be excited, which is hard for a control freak. We're rather calm when it comes to the New Year festivities, for our ideal celebration is a fancy dinner, reviewing the year behind, setting intentions for the year ahead, and enjoying our version of bubbly, kombucha. Nothing could be more perfect for me. I might even party hard by eating a bit of chocolate. 

I've never been one for resolutions. I resolve to pick up new skills in the year ahead rather than set myself up for extremist goals. So as I simmer on what skills I'd like to learn this New Year, I'm packing while reviewing what I deemed the most important F+N posts of 2016. Feel free to join me.


Book | Hat | Purse | Dress | Boots | 2017 Photo Booth Props | Sparklers | Kombucha | Journal


(The must reads, and re-reads)


Fuller Lashes & Brows Holistically

A Toolkit

Hormones : My Personal checklist

Aging Gracefully

You Can't Manifest For Others

Birth Control


Boosting Libido

Manifestation Boundaries

Moon Time

Intuitive Eating

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