After riding the wave of a horrible food poisoning trip the past twenty-four hours from what I’ve deemed a bad jar of raw coconut oil, and tossing absolutely everything that I had consumed in the past twenty-four hours (even a fresh batch of fermented vegetables—which are like absolute gold to me), I’ve finally come up for air with a little folk medicine to share for those ever in need during such times of despair.


One Part water

One Part Apple Cider Vinegar

One Part Activated Charcoal

PROCESS | mix all ingredients together in a cup and sip slowly. Repeat every 30 minutes until symptoms are controlled.

If one isn’t able to keep much down, then I would suggest one good dose of activated charcoal.

ADDITIONAL | if you are looking for relief, a hot bath with mineral flakes and baking soda are wonderful to help you sweat it out as well as calm your incredibly overtaxed nervous system. However, if you are not able to keep any fluids down, I don’t suggest this bath due to dehydration. 

Otherwise, keep your heart dreaming of tomorrow because this too shall pass.