Reishi Almond Mylk Nog

Last night was filled with holiday flicks, homemade popcorn, and this eggnog alternative masterpiece.  Not only is it perfectly creamy and tasty, but the tocos - potent vitamin e - is hyper skin beautifying, and the hit of reishi really helps boost immunity while also keeping one calm during the stresses of the season . 

For those of you looking for your new favorite holiday drink, I've got you. 


serves 4

5 c raw sprouted almond mylk

1 tsp mesquite

1 tsp reishi

4 dashes of cinnamon 

1 dash of cloves

1 heaping tbls tocos

5 dates | pitted

1 tsp vanilla extract 

PROCESS | blend on high until the dates have fully broken down.  Enjoy room temperature, slightly warm, or chilled.  For a spiked version, throw 4 shots of brandy in to get into some extra holiday cheer. 

Herbal + Nutritional Protocols by LACY PHILLIPS