Can we all take moment to be SO grateful that Moon Juice has fresh, raw, organic well milk that is more nutritious than anything we’re going to sprout and make anyway? On weekends like this last one where I had zero time to prep a milk, I cruised in and picked up their Hazelnut Milk which consists of activated raw hazelnuts, alkaline + mineralized + oxygenated water, coconut meat, coconut nectar, and pink salt to have on hand. Here is one of my daily smoothies that tasted extra heavenly with MJ hazelnut milk.


1.5 c Moon Juice Hazelnut Milk

1 tbls tocos

1/4 pearl powder

¼ maca powder

2 dashes of Cinnamon

Dash of Pink Salt

8 drops of stevia

One ice cube

PROCESS | blend on high for one minute. Enjoy.

BENEFITS | luminous skin | anxiety relaxing | energy boosting | high in minerals | high in antioxidants | hormone balancing | calcium rich