The uncomfortable in-between.

I often refer to an extraordinary in-between place as “the magic zone” or "magic dark".  It’s the window in manifestation where you are free-falling and endlessly trusting.  The magic zone has become one of my FAVORITE phases to enter and to live briefly in, for after eleven plus years of living on manifestation, I know it’s when the fascinating things I’ve been asking for are about to show up in the most divine and kismet ways!

You will recognize this space after you’ve expanded, UNBLOCKED, and have been passing tests. It will appear that the tap has gone dry. The best thing that I can equate this uncomfortable time to, is like the water receding and you doubting that another wave will come through. It’s the darkest before the dawn. The famine before the feast. It’s when the bank account appears almost to be empty, after you’ve been turning down job offers (tests) with bosses that resemble the old terrible boss (lesson) you had before. It’s when you’ve been turning down suitors that have red flags, and you think it appears that you’ll be single forever.

Magic Dark is the last big test from The Universe to see if you trust implicitly and won’t settle for anything less.

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Lacy Phillips