A deeper dive into manifestation.

i. We do not manifest from thoughts. We manifest from our subconscious structure of beliefs that we picked up in childhood between the ages of 0-14. the parental, societal, peer, and media modeling that we imprinted. this means that everything we manifest is a recreated pattern and cycle of those beliefs. Therefore, every relationship, dynamic, self-relationship, and material item manifests from these structures of subconscious beliefs that continue to loop.


ii. The universe's entire intention is for us to grow into our whole, authentic, powerful (self-worthy) selves. therefore, everything it sends our way is a reflection of where we have high self-worth (our manifestations) or where our self-worth needs to be unblocked and grown (on the subconscious level).


iii. We are constantly co-creating with the universe. positive aspects show up in our lives when subconscious beliefs of worth are in alignment with what we are calling in. and negative aspects show up in our lives when subconscious beliefs of unworthiness are in alignment to what's showing up.


iv. Negative things showing up in our lives have nothing to do with the subject, dynamic, or person itself, for everything is a lesson mirroring where we need to grow our self-worth on a subconscious level. Due to our subconscious beliefs of unworthiness and patterning, we attracted them.

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