The mirrors & lessons.

The Universe’s only intention for us in this lifetime is to grow into our most whole, realized, authentic version of self. Therefore, everything and everyone that comes into our life is a mirror (lesson) – an invitation to expand, grow or heal a wound (also known as a block).

However, though every single relationship and situation in our life is an opportunity to integrate, during this work we are looking to pass what I refer to as 'tests.' With each test we pass, we are raising our magnetism and self-worth, which leads us to connect with the subject we’re calling in.



Once you cast your list, you've signaled to The Universe that you are ready to receive any tests that you need to pass in order to prove that your self-worth is in alignment with the subject you're calling in. This shows that you trust The Universe implicitly, that it will supply you with what you've asked for. These tests come your way to demonstrate to The Universe that you've learned from the past low self-worth lessons you've had before – may it have been relationships, jobs, bosses, opportunities, anything really – and that you have too much worth to settle for them again. 

1. The lower your self-worth, the more tests you will receive. I compare them to a carrot being dangled in your face to see if you'll take the same shitty thing you've had in the past. 

2. Once you pass a test, they will become more and more subtle and difficult to recognize.

3. Use your list as a reference point as to whether or not you're being offered something less than what you're asking for. If you even sense a red flag that seems similar to a past low self-worth situation, it's an automatic no or goodbye to the opportunity being offered to you. A great way to detect if something is a test is by checking to see if it doesn't make you feel good. 


Here's an example:

You had an emotionally unavailable father. You've never healed the subconscious repercussions of this, so you always attract emotionally unavailable partners. You cast your list for a new emotionally available partner, and begin REPROGRAMMING (critical to complete in tandem with passing tests – more on what this is soon), and:

Test 1. A suitor shows up that is only 80% of what you asked for. They are mainly missing the essential things. Goodbye.

Test 2. Another suitor shows up that seems to be your list but is already resembling characteristics of the other emotionally unavailable people you've dated. Goodbye. 

Test 3. Another suitor shows up but seems to be everything on your list, emotionally available, but isn't treating you with the respect you'd like. Goodbye.

Subject. Another suitor shows up that is everything on your list, emotionally available, everything flows effortlessly, you're treated with more respect than you know what to do with, and it all feels incredibly kismet. BAM. You've manifested your partner. 


Reviewing your subject, can you bring to mind any tests you've received in the past regarding this subject? Can you anticipate tests that may come your way due to your worth in ratio to this subject? 

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