The Elements of Magnetism Roadmaps

Authentic. Free. Integrated. Expanded.

A three-month Roadmap of navigating targeted specificity through THE TOOLS

When it comes to manifestation, there are 4 key components to unlocking your most magnetic potential: Authenticity, Freedom, Integration and Expansion. The Elements Roadmaps to Magnetism are comprised of 4 downloadable PDFs meant to guide you alongside doing the work from the UNBLOCKED and Formula & Magnetism workshops. They’re filled with actionable steps to support your subconscious work to achieve the pillars of magnetism throughout a 12 week journey.

We built these roadmaps by following our community’s feedback on what they needed most to in order feel magnetic and supported on a day to day basis. They’re for the beginner UNBLOCKER who is looking for a specific way to navigate this process, or for the experienced UNBLOCKER that’s looking to get specific and go to the depths of their magnetic potential with the workshops that they already have.

You will need the following workshops to process the subconscious work within the roadmaps:

Reparent // Shadow // Daily Reprogramming Exercise

Which element do you need to strengthen?

Each and every person holds all four pillars of Magnetism, although some pillars may be stronger than others. The purpose of these roadmaps are to heighten the elements that need strengthening within you.

Take the quiz below to figure out which of your pillars needs the most strengthening at this time. Keep in mind that there is no right element to start with as everyone can benefit from doing the work of each element over time.




You find yourself doing an ego dance to impress others. You tend to be hard on yourself with negative self-talk. You care what people think of you and what you do. You’re slightly uncomfortable in social situations. You could use a little more self confidence to be comfortable in your own skin.

This roadmap will strengthen your ability to energetically show up completely, humbly, vulnerably, honestly and confidently, exactly as you are. Along with the deep subconscious uncovering of blocks to reach your highest potential, you will be guided with actionable tasks on how to reinforce your authentic nature on a conscious level with check-ins throughout the day.

Additional workshops needed: Reparent, Shadow, Daily Reprogramming Exercise



You let fear stand in the way. You tend to be indecisive. You are afraid of losing people, things, or other attachments. You struggle with feeling deserving of what you want. You don’t stand up for yourself and you tend to settle.

This roadmap will strengthen your ability to face your biggest fears, while staying grounded in who you truly are. Our ability to act with such freedom teaches us how to strengthen our trust muscle with the Universe. Along with the deep subconscious uncovering of blocks to reach your highest potential, you will be guided with actionable tasks on how to reinforce being truly free on a conscious level with check-ins during the day.

Additional workshops needed: Reparent, No, Shadow, Daily Reprogramming Exercise



You feel deserving of what you desire, but you tend to let judgement of yourself and others interfere with your actions and emotions, therefore you're still blocked. You find yourself often facing triggers throughout the day. You don’t accept compliments well and find them hard to believe. You have the power to walk away from things keeping you small, but you play the victim mentality.

This workshop will strengthen your ability to own your own path, your lessons, your decisions and your course of life. You will feel more empowered within yourself which will soften your judgments of yourself and others as they are just judgements of programmed thoughts that are holding us back from our true, authentic nature. Along with the deep subconscious uncovering of blocks to reach your highest potential, you will be guided with actionable tasks on how to reinforce fully integrating your shadow on a conscious level with check-ins during the day.

Additional workshops needed: Shadow, Reparent, Daily Reprogramming Exercise



You’ve done a lot of the work, but still feel slightly blocked OR You’re fully unblocked and have space to manifest.Your manifestations aren’t coming through. You haven’t ‘seen to believe’ that your manifestations can come through. You’re ready to call in strong expanders.

This workshop will strengthen your ability to subconsciously start integrating the truth that what you want is actually possible. It will help you identify the traits that we are looking for in others, all the while strengthening your own perception of what you are worthy of receiving from others around you. Along with the deep subconscious uncovering of blocks to reach your highest potential, you will be guided with actionable tasks to reinforce your expanded nature on a conscious level with check-ins during the day.

Additional workshops needed: Shadow, Reparent, Daily Reprogramming Exercise

Bundle & Save

When you purchase the bundle option, simply complete the roadmaps in any order that’s calling to you.

If you're unsure, keep referring back to the quiz to see which element needs the most strengthening. We suggest working on one each season.

What's Inside

  • A 12 week Actionable Step Guide

  • 1 Deep Imagining

  • 1 set of Journal Prompts

  • Weekly conscious & subconscious tasks

  • Tips for staying on track

  • Printable manifestos & checklists for a daily reminder


Can I access the Roadmaps without wifi?

Yes, these are instantly downloadable PDFs, however, the workshops and Deep Imagining you'll be doing alongside them are not and you will need wifi for those. 

How long will I have access?

You’ll have unlimited access upon purchase.

Do I need to purchase the other workshops?

These are meant to serve as guides as you do the work out of the other workshops, so we highly suggest purchasing the ones that are mentioned in each to get the most out of these roadmaps.

Is the DI downloadable?

The DI is not downloadable and you will need WIFI to listen.

How do I know which one to do first?

Take the quiz and then read the blurb of the one it points you to. If it sounds accurate, start there. Every person inhabits all 4 pillars so there’s no wrong choice.

Do I need to do all 4 of them?

We highly suggest that in time, you complete all 4 of the roadmaps as each and every person inhabits all 4 of the pillars of magnetism. It’s all about where you’re at on your personal manifestation journey and where you need to strengthen.

Can I do more than one roadmap at once?

Yes, simply work from one in the morning and one at night.

If I buy the bundle, what order should I do them in?

There’s no particular order, but take the quiz to see where you have an area that needs the most strengthening and start there.

What if I do the quiz and more than one element seems right for me?

There is no right place to start. Pick one of the two and start there!

What if I’m new to this work?

Visit the Start Here page for an intro into Lacy’s work.

Ok seriously!! You guys! If you are struggling to find you true expanders (I know I was) well I implore you to sign up for the new roadmap workshop, (EXPANDED). I have been working through it and it is literally showing me where I need expanders. Places I never even consciously realized I was needing expanders!! I already feel my lack of clarity lifting and the direction I want to go a little easier to navigate.
So thankful for this work! Ps. I’ve signed up for two of them so far and the DI’s are SO GOOD. Like really really good. And there is so much journaling involved it’s so cool to see everything you are really thinking and feeling deep down written out on the pages of your journal for you to SEE. there is no hiding in these. 
— authentic and expanded roadmap unblocker, partnership, no & supported

Today I started on the Free Roadmap after yesterday letting a client know that her terms were financially unsustainable for me. Her new practice is in a building that I have been drawn to for years and have been pinged to like crazy to work from since doing Shadow in April 2017 when I set out my goals/future dreams. So today I heard back from this woman saying how much she would like me to be a part of her practice and how much she liked my offerings and what would be sustainable for me. I laid it all out so specifically, fairly but totally in alignment with my worth. I am yet to hear back but if it doesn’t work out, its so fine. In one day I’ve learnt so much! Honestly these roadmaps seriously accelerate you. I can’t thank you enough.
— free roadmap unblocker, f&m, no, shadow, opulence, reparent & supported

In 2016/17 I manifested myself out of a thankless, underpaid Stylist position to a very well-paid stepping stone which wasn’t long term but in hindsight very important as it introduced me to Vedic Meditation.

From here I manifested 2x rental houses over a year, precisely as I wanted along with letting go of a long term physically and emotionally abusive relationship (this is what I thank you for most) to step relatively quickly into a new loving relationship. In which I unknowingly manifested a marriage proposal within 8 weeks ... magic but still providing tests.

In this time I’d since manifested a new role - precisely what I wanted self-serving, creative, Stylist title, unheard of salary - which equated to a 55K increase in 1 year.

Cut to 2018 - I started the year doing Reparent in Jan - then followed closely by No, Opulence in May and now Shadow (with the roadmaps). This is where things really started moving - and fast.

This year I launched a new business with energy healing, readings, guidance etc. mostly for 20something women - this is currently a side hustle that will turn into something more later in the year. BUT I would have never had the self-worth and impetus to do this without F+N, in fact only after Supported when Lacy gave homework of “doing something right now that scares the shit out of you” have I started charging for Tarot - which is now a huge money maker for me and the most touching way that I reach young women.
— free and integrated roadmap unblocker, shadow, no, opulence & supported