Lacy phillips


I’ve never been one for too much makeup.  Truth be told, I have wonderful skin.  Mostly due to my diet. So I’ve never had to really learn the depths of makeup.  But the little that you’ll find in my everyday beauty pouch are these special and multi-useful items.

RMS LUNAR | this is my favorite product of all.  I use it as the base and my only eye shadow, and once I’ve applied my blush, I use it as my cheek, nose, forehead, and chin highlighter.  It also makes for the perfect eye brightener after a long night when you apply it to the inner parts of your lid and beneath your eyes.  It really opens and brightens everything up.

FOUNDATION | THE BEST is W3ll People's stick. Hand's down. 

CHEEK | I have three hue's in constant rotation. Ritual De Fille: Desire, Lovesick, Phosphene.

RMS "UN" COVER-UP | I use this concealer around my inner eyes, the sides of my nostrils, chin, and above the lip to take any shadowing away. 

W3LL MASCARA | it is my very favorite of any of the pure mascaras on the market.

EYEBROW BRUSH | my eyebrows are big and full, so they need taming daily.  This is my best friend.

SHU UEMURA CURLER | most days I don’t even bother with mascara, so a quick 5 second eyelash curl is just amazing for me.  It opens up my eyes, and looks as if I’ve applied mascara.

BONE BROTH | I drink 1 c every morning on an empty stomach with one scoop of collagen. I'd say this is mostly to thank for my glowing skin as it's anti-inflammatory, collagen rebuilding, hormone balancing, gut healing, and liver cleansing.