The Tools

Below you'll find a collection of Lacy's Manifestation Tools. They were designed to teach you the formula for connecting with your intentions and unblocking your subconscious mind. Whether you know what you want to manifest or you're looking to gain clarity– you'll find the tools will help you get there if you put in the work.

The three TOOLS that every manifestor should work through


In this 11 video workshop, you will learn Lacy's entire manifestation formula. This includes a mini-reprogramming process with personal and client examples. It's a roadmap to manifesting your intent.


Our structure for what we project and receive back in manifestation was imprinted during our childhood. Areas where we have high or low self worth will effect how successful we are at manifesting what we want.



In order to align into our whole, authentic, magnetic selves, we must reclaim the aspects of ourselves that we’ve rejected through pain, shame, and anything that has created limiting beliefs and low self-worth. 


Then, if you're in need of these


If you are looking to call in money, shift careers, expand your current career, and understand the energetics behind what attracts abundance this workshop was designed for you. 



We communicate our self-worth based on what we “accept” into our lives. If those things make us small, we are dimming our magnetism. Learn to set boundaries and stop settling.


manifest your partner

Anyone is capable of manifesting their partner if they are in their expansive subconscious and conscious worth. Learn the actions, inventory, and energetics that it takes to do so. 


& here's the extra support you need


Your questions, answered. An ongoing subscription-based members club that supports the grey area. 


A deeply safe and supportive collective to hold space for every aspect of your manifestation journey. 


Hundreds of people have manifested and unblocked using the Free & Native manifestation Tools.