Free & Native™ is a source of inspiration, musings, materials, and thoughts that advocate the unblocking of molds that foil your personal freedom and true native essence, while supporting an opening for manifestation.




This is a woman-founded and women-run business that operates digitally and completely zero waste. As a company, we are determined to leave as little of a footprint as possible. We are dedicated to making our work accessible and inclusive for all, by providing monthly scholarship opportunities and offerings with affordable price points, and CURERS and EXPANDERS that represent everyone.  We are building partnerships with several non-profit organizations to offer these tools completely free of charge to their communities.

What first began as a blog 4 years ago, centered around Manifestation content and attaining a holistic lifestyle has turned into a community of over 100,000 souls from all walks of life, on a journey to connecting with their deepest, most authentic selves. Through digital tools and workshops, Lacy has shared her formula of manifestation and techniques for removing subconscious blocks that hold people back from living the life that they want, the way that they want. 

On the blog, you’ll find weekly content supporting the manifestation community centering on  techniques, debunking superstitions, and explaining these philosophies.





Energetically speaking, manifestation is directly correlated to the implantation of our subconscious beliefs and worth. Everyone came into the world inherently worthy, whole, and living in the pure consciousness of love.

Manifestation energy defies space, time, and the physical form, therefore, it doesn’t recognize gender, sexual orientation, identities, or culture. It is only directed by our programming and subconscious beliefs (which society, and our direct surroundings, have created for us) and our subconscious worth. Therefore, to direct our magnetic energy we reprogram  our subconscious beliefs and reconnect with our birthright of worthiness in order to harness magnetic energy.

It’s our life and we forget that we are the lead show-runner!

This brand is for everyone. It is a gender neutral, sexual preference neutral, politically neutral, religiously neutral, and a culturally neutral safe space for every walk of life to receive manifestation support. Everyone and everything is completely unique, worthy, and deserving of exactly what you desire simply for being alive - regardless of what society may have projected. We respect every identity and belief system.





Lacy Phillips, founder of FREE & NATIVE™, is a Manifestation Advisor specializing in unblocking beliefs of unworthiness and expanding into alignment with what one is calling in. Her unique formula, The Formula by Lacy Phillips™, is accompanied by widely accessible psychology tools and neuroplasticity, centered around creating new neural pathways for deep subconscious beliefs and navigating lessons from The Universe. The approach is far different from the wildly popular “think positive” and “visualize” method.

Lacy is not a “spiritual teacher,” but simply a student of life that was born with the gifts of being able to read energetic patterns. This is why she is referred to as an advisor. You are your own true healer and intuitive. And this is why she created a model that allows you to empower yourself and guide yourself. Self-realization is pursued through connecting back with your authentic self by dismantling societal programming, labels, and molds that don't align with your authentic nature. Lacy simply provides a formula and tools to assist in your own authentic exploration.




Free & Native™

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