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After reading Lacy’s blog for a while, I booked a session with her to help me fulfill one of my deepest desires, moving away from home, to Los Angeles from Toronto. I was able to manifest my job and visa within a few months. Working with Lacy helped me understand on a more profound level not only my true desires, but face some of my deepest held fears about what I felt deserving of. What I love about working with Lacy is her capacity to work from a lens of spiritual connection and compassion, combined with grounded, tried and true practical tools for manifestation. Now, after having two sessions with Lacy, I feel like my exploration into what is possible to manifest for myself has only just begun. Lacy has helped me understand where and how fears can totally obscure your path to achieving what you want, and given me tools to align with my intuitive self to guide me there. When it comes to health/nutrition, Lacy is extremely generous with her wealth of knowledge and has countless remedies to help you achieve balance on a mental, spiritual and physiological level. I could not recommend Lacy more highly and I look forward to my future sessions with the radiant light and healer that she is!!!
— Wallis, Editor at Giphy Studios, LA

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My friend who’s worked with Lacy several times urged me to book an appointment for a while…but the whole thing seemed way too out there for me. After hitting my bottom in an unhealthy relationship that I couldn’t see a way out of, I opened up to trying anything. She was so grounded and loving (and tough), and nothing like I had expected. Fully on blind faith two sessions later I left him with the tools that she provided. Something inside of me pushed me to do all the work she prescribed. Instantly I noticed things on my list showing up. He came back around and I really considered giving it a second chance. Thankfully my third session fell on that week. Once again, I followed what she advised. The next week I booked a series regular role. I’ve since manifested the house I wanted with everything on my list. Tests have been showing up regularly because of how much I’ve been working through, but I’m much more trusting to turn them down. That whole trust muscle is a true thing. This a process for sure. No quick fixes here…requiring a lot of work on my end. That last shadow workshop about did me in. I say this with the fullest heart, I love you Lacy. When my heart heals, we’ll be working on calling in my new relationship, which I know is going to be a mountain to climb.
— Private, Los Angeles CA